Safe2Say Something PA

Safe2Say Something PA

By Anderson Software, LLC

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date: 2019-01-12
  • Current Version: 3.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 26.44 MB
  • Developer: Anderson Software, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 2.5
From 652 Ratings


Safe2Say Something PA is an anonymous PA school safety reporting system that accepts tips from students, parents, educators, and/or concerned community members on matters ranging from violence, suicide, guns, drugs, and threatening behavior to bullying, cyberbullying and other acts of victimization that impact students K-12 across the entire state of Pennsylvania. The Safe2Say Something PA app allows you to submit secure & anonymous safety concerns (“tips”) to a 24/7 Crisis Center. The Crisis Center triages and then forwards the tip to the appropriate school official and, when needed, to local law enforcement (through 911 dispatch). The purpose of the reporting system is to provide intervention and assistance for individuals at-risk of hurting themselves or others through violence or other potentially harmful actions.




  • BAN

    By Daimar Whigam
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    By The USSR Rocks
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  • Good game controls, lacking in storyline

    By $$:.3;5(54)34,65!2,;;,
    Once I finished the first game, Safe ONE Say, I was so hyped for the next installment. The end of the first one really left you guessing if chungus would really come through and actually join Thanos or not against XXXtentacles. The opening mission on the campaign is literally just the soundtrack “rest in peace to all the kids that lost their lives in the parkland shooting” without any of the “WHO AM I someone that’s afraid to let go YUH”. It seems like the developers completely just left out the building romance between skrattar and förlorar, which kinda ruined a big part of the driving force of why I invested into this franchise. They completely changed directions with Chungus, making him into Ugandan Knuckles instead. The whole cliffhanger was chucked out the window and they restarted the plot using the Green Pigs from Angry Birds as the nemesis instead of Thanos. Not satisfied by this game. One star. Controls are good though, they never get that wrong.
  • DO NOT USE THIS APP! IT RUINS KIDS LIVES! (read fully before you judge this title)

    By Salad29
    This app can be very useful for reporting depression or aggressive thoughts. But a few of the options are not necessary at all. Kids in the past, those who have since graduated, were able to do stupid fun things and mess around without having to hide away from every single person, scared by who could report you(by stupid fun thins, I mean the stereotypical things teens tend to do while not around a parent/guardian) I bet that the creators of this app could probably relate to what I’m saying. The average middle aged adult can most definitely relate ( if you’re a kid ask your parents about the stupid things they did while in high school) ***KEY PARAGRAPH** But what this app does is it allows kids to report other kids anonymously. In my high school we’ve recently started using this app and I am sick and tired of seeing good, nice, and smart people having their entire lives ruined by a criminal charge due to some kid who has no real understanding of what the consequences are for the victim of their report. The ability to ruin someone’s life should not be available to every teenage high school attendee. REPORTING A KID (about something not life threatening) IS WAY WORSE THAN ANYTHING THEY COULD EVER DO TO YOU. I wrote this review because I want people to share it and spread the true ignorance of our school system. This problem is way worse than anything I’ve ever seen in my career as a student before. And it’s done the most harm I thought your goal as educators was to help us kids excel and live responsible lives. Now why would you create an app designed to eliminate any kid who’s ever broken the rules before? Do you only want the good kids in your school? The kids who draw inside the lines and think inside the box? Because that not what I see on all those posters hanging up in my high school hallways... Spread the truth about what this app does! THIS APP RUINS KIDS LIVES! DO NOT USE SAFE2SAY Please just let us kids be kids...🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Ps. Anybody who uses Safe2Say to report someone of a petty crime(🥦) or a non life threatening or actual legitimate reason is a terrible human being who has no regard for what they’re doing. BECAUSE THEY'RE THE ONES RUINING THEIR PEERS LIVES! A criminal charge puts us out of any decent job or college and slams us to the blue collar. I’M DONE WITH HOW STUPID THIS APP IS What would have happened if your parents got charged for some stupid little thing they did in high school? Would be living where you do today? Would your parents career be the same? Most likely no. By reporting a kid you’re not only ruining their life but giving their future children a disadvantage. Okay I’m done now (Drops mic) Sorry the unnecessary bias rant, this is my way of relieving stress..
  • Good app no cheaters allowed

    By Douchmcbag
    My dad was drinking too much special juice and started to bully me really hard. My mommy said don’t do that and he tagged her but it was too hard and she cried . She was bleeding but she was it so I had to run to my room . My dad came in and started to tag me over and over again but he already tagged me but kept doing it . I told safe to say something and then he got a cool car ride from a police . Very good app for cheaters.

    By S2.8
    Hail the USSR
  • very cool game pennsylvania

    By chungushunter69
    it spoils avengers endgame with leaks from donald trump. IF YOU DONT WANT ENDGAME SPOILERS DONT DOWNLOAD

    By KayaLynn14
    First of all, the whole design of the app could use work. Come on using the peace symbol for the “2” is goofy i know you could do better but seriously over all how long is the response time to each problem that many many students will put in i could imagine its a very overwhelming task our school principles and other authority figures can barely handle one school all your doing is being the that for all the schools in the country how could you even respond in a timely manner but honestly all this app is doing is playing “God” across the school board personally i think once you have accumulated enough students from every school district across the states that you implement this into it will then be way to out numbered for a faster response time
  • Safe2say... more like Safe2gay

    By Rape Victim 2000
    This app I thought would be an anonymous source however I was shocked when the police got in my business during History. They touched me where I didn’t want them to touch. This is not a story game. This is a terrible real life rape application.
  • Personal experience with Safe2say

    By Mcclungca
    I downloaded the app with pretty low expectations but now I am addicted and play it daily. When I first opened the app I was met with nude Thanos default dancing, not what I expected but I moved on. I later started the Rick And Morty path and began playing the levels. I am a true gamer so I skipped the tutorial as I got further into the game I started noticing strange things in my life. It was almost as if someone was trying to look over my shoulder and watch me play. I ignored it however and pushed forward. That was when it happens I beat level 420 and my whole life changed. I saw the future and everything about it. I saw thanos get accused of sexual assault in Avengers endgame. I saw Pewdiepie reach 100 Million subscribers while T-Series was only at 95 Million. But most horrific, I saw the new era of Fortnite. Fellow gamers beware as I have seen the true raw power of the Fortnite season 69. It took over and I don’t have much time to explain. People walk around the streets like zombies breaking down houses with pickaxes. I have seen to many horrible things and I urge he fellow gamers to stop Article 13 and stop the Fortpocalypse.