Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker

Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker

By Lifesum AB

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2008-08-03
  • Current Version: 8.11.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
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  • Developer: Lifesum AB
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
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Your personal diet plan, food tracker, calorie counter & healthy recipes, all in one place. Reach your goals with Lifesum! Discover how tracking small habits can make a big difference & join millions on their journey to a healthier, happier you. Low carb, ketogenic or high protein? We’ll help you find a diet plan best suited to you. Need some help to stay on track? Fear not. We’ve got tips, reminders & an intuitive food diary to help give you a hand. Top Lifesum Features: ● Diet plans & tips for any goal - lose weight & eat healthy ● Calorie counter with barcode scanner for easy food tracking ● Macro tracker - see your daily nutrition & calories WEIGHT LOSS & DIET PLANS Take our test to discover which plan best suits your schedule and lifestyle. From low carb to keto diet and everything in between, we have the right plan for you and your weight loss goals. FOOD DIARY & MACRO TRACKER The macro tracker ensures you reach the right type of energy composition to reach your recommended intake. Simply scan barcodes for calories and nutrition information, or enter manually. RECIPES & MEAL PLANNER Healthy recipes help you stick to your meal plan. Explore ketogenic recipes to beat the sugar cravings or search for keto ideas for snacks to eat. You also get daily feedback to keep you in the right mindset and help you lose weight. Download Lifesum now and get healthier today! Lifesum integrates with HealthKit, so you can export nutrition and exercise data from Lifesum to HealthKit, and import fitness data and weight and body measurements from HealthKit to Lifesum. For extended features such as specialised diets and detailed nutrition information, and to sync with fitness apps such as Moves, Nokia Health, FitBit, Jawbone, Endomondo and Runkeeper, get the Lifesum Premium membership. Three different Lifesum Premium Subscriptions (3,6 & 12 months): 3 months cost $21.99 
6 months cost $29.99
 12 months cost $44.99 Lifesum Premium Subscription: The purchase will be charged to your iTunes account The subscription will be auto-renewed 24 hours prior to it running out Manage your subscription from User Settings in iTunes after purchasing. Cancel the auto-renewing subscription from there at anytime. Terms and Privacy Policy:




  • Bad Food Journal

    By Lives near Disney World
    Has none of the popular food brands like from Target Stores in The United States. You type the flavor of ice cream you had it doesn’t have it. The Shredded cheese you use in salads and Tacos, quesadillas it doesn’t have it. Just use a normal Food Journal like My Fitness Pal Or Lose It.
  • Worth every penny.

    By PostMello
    I simply LOVE this. I am a very active person and I didn’t know what I needed to eat to satisfy the daily needs of my body (because I feel like I’m constantly hungry). I took the test and found the plan for me (which is to acquire more protein), and now I actually feel healthy and fulfilled! Please purchase premium, this adds so much more to your life!!
  • No Control

    By Wolfjj79
    I took a look at this app and it looked nice. I was considering moving to it but then realized that I had no control over the settings. The free pay off the app only had the one plan, Classic Dieting. However,it didn't let you customize it and you are locked into the calories and macros it sets for you. I don't follow those guidelines and would need to change the macros to what I do try to follow but couldn't find any way to do that. Then I also realized that to change the diet plan your had to pay a subscription. Totally useless to me.

    By ThJazmyn
    I really love it! It’s helps me manage my weight and my food plan.
  • It’s NOT free

    By Rocky suelyn
    You really should let people know you charge a monthly fee before wasting people time downloading this app. You just wasted my time
  • Looks Nice, but the database...

    By hybridfact
    ... is not so good. I search for Mountain Dew and find ~15 entries that are all mislabeled in some way. The top entry has the calories incorrect. This appears to be the case often. Verified items, if there are any, are not clearly labeled. The app looks nice though, which goes a long way for me. I’m not sure if it can overcome the database though.
  • This app is rubbish

    By DHStone
    Whatever you do, don’t pay for a subscription. You might as well flush your $30 down the toilet. App requires an internet connection, and Lifesum’s servers are frequently down. Also, database of foods is wildly inaccurate, sometimes comically so. You absolutely cannot rely on it for correct calorie or protein counts. Which means you’ll be using Google all the time to look up nutrition information, causing you to ask why you bothered to download this app and subscribe to the service.
  • Almost Perfect for Keto Dieters

    By Zaraghast
    +1 Star: I started using Lifesum back in July of 2018 because it offered plans specific to Ketogenic diets, and do this end, this app finally got me into it. I had tried other methods with no success, but following its Ketogenic Medium (later moving on to Strict) had me in ketosis within a week, and sticking to it to this day. +1 Star: Lifesum also offers several great recipes depending on which dieting plan you decide to go with. Each catered to the macros of that specific plan, including a breakdown of the nutritional information for that recipe, making it easy to experiment and start finding meals that you enjoy which are in line with your plan. +1 Star: In addition to its recipes, it also has a huge database of different foods. If you happen to have something that they haven’t entered yet, you aren’t out of luck like you would be in so many other apps, but rather they will let you link the barcode and enter the information for that item. This can be hit or miss though. For example, one time I tried to add a hot dog, only to find that at some point someone listed one serving of this hot dog as having 5327 calories, 330g of carbs, etc. Which would be impossible for a hot dog unless it was literally a cooked canine. Fortunately, editing that information was simple. Yes you can edit it! You aren’t stuck with whatever may have been erroneously entered! +1 Star: Macro breakdowns dynamically adjust and can be manually adjusted (although you shouldn’t do this unless you know what you’re doing). If you do certain kinds of exercises tracked by Apple Health, if will adjust your macro goal according to that type and duration of exercise. It will also give you a rating based on nutrient and macro distribution of both each individual item you eat, as well as the composition of each overall meal. This is one of the greatest ways to fine tune your dieting habits to ensure your success and I love it. -0.5 Stars: Calorie breakdown could use some clarification. When you first create an account, you are asked what your overall goal is. In my case it was to lose weight. The app then assigns a target goal for calories consumed per day, it doesn’t not however explain how it came up with this number. Part of losing weight while exercising involves maintaining a calorie deficit. The app will show you how much you’ve burned as reported by Apple Health, how much you’ve eaten, and what is left of your target. The target changes depending on the other two factors though, and it is unclear what it is adjusting your target to. If I am trying to maintain a caloric deficit and the app shows that I’ve eaten 1647 calories, and burned 1975, then do I calculate my deficit from that? Or does my new target of 2027 calories left to eat factor in a deficit? Or is 2027 calories left of what I can eat to maintain my current weight and not gain any? I do not know because the app provides absolutely no clarification on this. -0.5 Stars: One-way water intake tracking. Lifesum will remind you to drink water throughout the day and tracks that intake toward a certain goal. It will also report this to the Apple Health metrics. It will not however read that same data FROM Apple Health. For most people this is probably fine. However I use a Hydrate Spark water bottle that automatically tracks my water intake through the day and updates Apple Health as well. It will also read from Apple Health. What this means is that if I try to manually update Lifesum to match the intake listed in Apple Health, Lifesum then reports that intake as new data, effectively doubling that number and screwing up water tracking in Apple Health. This means resorting to either not using other sources that automatically track your water intake, or not reporting it in Lifesum. Not reporting it in Lifesum then becomes very annoying because Lifesum will constantly remind you to drink water, even if you are on track with your intake goal, because it doesn’t know that you HAVE been tracking your water intake. If you can post water intake data through the Apple Health API, then you can certainly read it. Other apps can and it’s the one thing that doesn’t quite allow it to mesh with the Apple Health ecosystem as well as some other apps will. Overall it is a great app and I don’t foresee myself stopping my usage of it anytime soon, but if those two shortcomings were addressed, this app would be absolutely perfect!
  • No cups or oz

    By 123096543
    I like the app because it’s easy to use. It’s nice to have different diet plans to view. Downside is everything is in grams for their recipes and when recording meals, some of them have cups or oz but it’s a handful.
  • Rating

    By chjjbvf
    I wish that the app would specify which foods contribute to carbs, fat etc. it tells you the rating of the overall meal, but I wish it would show Per food choice too.