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Nav Camera

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Nav Camera uses the proven navigation, augmented reality, and image processing engines from the well known Theodolite app to create a new app that focuses on photogaphy and video recording with data overlays. The app has been crafted with attention to detail by a top iOS developer, and benefits from over 10 years of development and testing heritage, along with real world usage by surveyors, geologists, architects, engineers, competitive sportsmen, first responders, military personnel, and search and rescue workers around the world. Nav Camera lets you take photographs and record movies in landscape and portrait orientations with geo-location overlays and custom notes. Geo-location overlays include date, time, position, altitude, GPS datum, and compass bearing. Overlay data is updated in every frame when recording movies, which is great for documenting dynamic scenes or scanning an area. You can enter up to four lines of custom notes to be rendered into the overlay, which is perfect for job descriptions, project names, company/staff information, invoice numbers, or additional comments/documentation. Various parts of the overlay can be turned on or off, and multiple overlay colors are available. Nav Camera includes features for serious users including multiple reticles (three types of crosshairs and an SLR-style focus/exposure indicator), colored lens filters to improve use in dark conditions and preserve night vision, and multiple position formats including military grid reference system (MGRS), universal transverse Mercator (UTM), British/Irish National Grids, and six latitude/longitude variations. The optional "Datum Pack" adds over 220 geodetic datums to the app for more accurate position and altitude computation from GPS data. Optional datums include NAD-27, NAD-83, OSGB-36, ED-50, and hundreds of others, covering regions and countries on all continents around the world. Find out why apps like Nav Camera and Theodolite, and their field-proven results, are featured in Apple Keynotes, written up in magazine articles and professional journals, and used by everyday explorers and pro users around the world. Where will you take Nav Camera on your next adventure? Nav Camera works on any iPhone or iPod Touch with camera, running iOS 10 or later. If you like Nav Camera, please leave a review/rating on the iTunes App Store. It only takes a moment, and helps us a lot. Thanks!




  • Camera not functioning in iOS 12

    By Dale v
    Just a black screen in iOS 12. No place in settings / privacy to add camera access.
  • UTM Zone Selection / Excellent Developer Response

    By JPP821
    I live in Arizona and in error selected the standard rather than band format for UTM. The standard format has an N (north) as the alpha character. The banded format has an S (the geographic band) for that character. I wrote Craig, the developer, and he responded in minutes. He let me know about the two formats, and how to select the one that met my needs. Great app and EXCELLENT support.
  • Error in UTM coordinates

    By Timothy A
    Nav Camera is a good and useful app for documenting location and direction in your photograph. However, there is an error in the UTM coordinates as listed in the photo overlay. I live in Arizona where the UTM coordinates are 12 S, yet the app reports as 12 N, a location in the Pacific Ocean west of Central America. This needs to be fixed by developer.
  • Seriously flawed... major drawbacks left out of description

    By ShoobyTaylor
    The description doesn't mention that for every 1 second of video you record, it will require an extra 2-10 seconds (depending on quality & phone model) of "processing" before it saves the video. My experience is, it's always in the longer end of that range. While it's "processing" you can't start recording another video, or use your phone for anything else, it simply becomes a brick for up to 10 times the length of the recorded video. The "processing" is CPU-intensive, and it ran down my battery several times without finishing. But the app hides your battery level indicator, and if you click out of the app for a second to check your battery level... it gives you an error and the "processing" starts again from the beginning. If the "processing" gets interrupted, next time you open the app, it offers to pick up where it left off, but if it gets interrupted a second time, which is frequent because it takes so darn long to "process" even very short videos, that's it, you've lost your video and wasted a bunch of time. You can lower the video quality to shorten the "processing" time, but this makes the timestamp blurrier, and at the lowest quality level, the timestamp is totally unreadable, making the app completely pointless. You can read all of this in the documentation on the developer's website. It's just not here, in the app store description, where you might see it before you spend your money. Lowered to 1 star just for this. Not being able to use my phone for anything for up to 5 minutes after shooting a 30-second video and sometimes even then ultimately losing the video completely, I finally deleted the app. Total waste of $2.99, I deserve a refund.
  • Great app

    By No smarter
    Very helpful documenting locations. One of the few apps that supports locations in UTMs