Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker

Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker

By Neybox Digital Ltd.

  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Release Date: 2014-05-22
  • Current Version: 3.6.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 241.43 MB
  • Developer: Neybox Digital Ltd.
  • Compatibility: Requires Android / iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 36,196 Ratings


Sleep trouble? Sleep better with Pillow, your smart sleep assistant. Pillow can analyze your sleep cycles automatically using your Apple Watch, or you can use Pillow without an Apple Watch by placing your iPhone or iPad on the mattress near your pillow. Use Pillow as a smart alarm clock to wake you up at the lightest possible sleep stage and start your day refreshed and relaxed. Record important audio events such as snoring, sleep apnea and sleep talking. Explore trends about your sleep and compare your sleep quality with ten Apple Health metrics that affect sleep. Fall asleep faster with Pillow’s carefully selected sleep aid sounds and get personalized insights and tips about sleep using Pillow’s unique Snooze lab feature. Pillow has been featured in: The New York Times, Forbes, The Guardian, BuzzFeed, The Washington Post, TechCrunch, MacStories and has been rated by many as one of the best sleep tracking apps for the Apple Watch and iPhone. Join the millions that have discovered the life-changing benefits of great sleep! AUTOMATIC MODE - Just wear your Apple Watch during sleep. Pillow will automatically detect and analyze your sleep - Sleep calendar: Pillow can detect sleep sessions from past dates. - View last night’s report on your Apple Watch or iPhone - Automatic sleep tracking does not require the Apple Watch app to be installed - Get your sleep analysis report automatically as soon as Pillow detects sleep. - Alarms & Audio recordings are not available in automatic mode MANUAL MODE - Track your sleep with your Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad by pressing start when you go to sleep and pressing stop when you wake up. - Smart wakeup: Pillow will wake you up at the lightest possible sleep stage SLEEP & HEART RATE ANALYSIS - Advanced sleep analysis algorithm, based on the latest scientific findings in sleep research - View your heart rate graph overlaid on top of your sleep analysis graph - Detailed sleep stage diagram (Awake, REM, Light Sleep, Deep Sleep) and sleep session statistics like time to sleep, time in bed and more LISTEN TO IMPORTANT AUDIO EVENTS DURING SLEEP - Records sounds during your sleep - Play, export or delete any audio recording COMPARE YOUR SLEEP QUALITY WITH APPLE HEALTH - Pillow updates Apple Health’s Sleep category automatically - Compare your sleep quality with many Apple Health categories that affect sleep SLEEP AID MELODIES AND WAKE UP SOUNDS - Carefully selected wake up sounds - Select any song from your iTunes library to use as an alarm - Sleep aid melodies and ambient soundscapes to help you fall asleep - Optional vibration settings (iPhone only) OPTIMAL BEDTIME - Pillow analyzes your sleep cycles and suggests the best time to go to bed. Pillow can notify you when your optimal bedtime approaches SNOOZE LAB - Personalized experiments & recommendations. - Regularly updated with the latest scientific research and sleep-related facts SLEEP TRENDS & STATISTICS - Explore your sleep history with Week, Month, Year and All Time overviews SECURELY BACKUP AND SYNCHRONIZE & EXPORT YOUR SLEEP DATA - Sync your sleep data and audio recordings between your devices - Connect to your Runkeeper account to automatically update your sleep data and share it with other apps NAP MODES - Select between powernap, recovery and full cycle naps MOOD REPORTING & SLEEP NOTES - Track your mood when you wake up - Add your notes to every sleep session and discover how they affect your sleep quality PREMIUM FEATURES INCLUDE: (One-time purchase. No subscriptions or hidden fees.): - Unlimited sleep history - Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, sleep trends - Listen to your sound recordings - Nap Modes - Access to all wake-up melodies - Access to all sleep aid programs - Snooze lab: Personalised sleep tips - Compare your sleep quality with Apple Health metrics - Wakeup melodies from your iTunes library - Database export in CSV format




  • Great but could be deeper in analysis...

    By Matt-Cleveland
    Here is an idea that nobody else is doing right now, for the daily analysis screen gives us the deep sleep sessions and rem sessions instead of just giving the total time, say for example REM: 2:30-2:45, 3:22-3:57. Then on weekly tell us what is our usual REM or deep sessions based on previous days and add % of probability, example REM 2-2:30 (60% of chance), 4-4:50 (83%) and same for DEEP...
  • Great App

    By PTK2018
    This is a great app and very accurate. It honestly knows exactly when I’m awake and when I’m asleep. I really like that it breaks down my sleep into light sleep, REM sleep, and deep sleep. It even records various sounds so you can hear what is going on with you when you sleep. I highly recommend this app! It has helped me better my sleep!
  • Need premium to view history?

    By CykaBlyatWesternSpy
    When I swipe between different sessions, the pop up that remind me to buy premium shows up. If I click the x at the upper right corner, the screen flips back to my latest session. The question is, do I have to pay to view my history?
  • It’s ok

    By mwyner
    Using on my Apple Watch. Sound recording doesn’t work with automatic mode. If you’re asleep for an hour or less it won’t track that (even if it’s an hour, and this is according to their tech support.) No way to adjust that. So if I fall asleep around 10:30, and app says I didn’t fall asleep until 11:50, there’s no way to fix that. App can be dumb too. Sometimes it’ll record a session and it has, say, 8pm to 3am, only from 8-11 it says I’m awake, which is correct. Since it’s at the very beginning why isn’t the app just dropping those 3 fake hours instead of having me edit it?
  • Very very annoying

    By Major Tom1
    Premium feature promo window pops open ALL the time and can’t be turned off until you buy it. Might have purchased it if it was more subtle but will never purchase because it’s far far too “in your face” annoying!!
  • Guys U wrote a great program

    By Maj Dan
    You did a great job of writing this program.As a old programmer of many years ago I definitely know the amount of work you've put into this. Great job.
  • Still great w/ no Apple Watch

    By AnnM.4
    I don’t own an Apple Watch (yet), but this app still works amazingly well without it. I have the paid version and 10/10 would recommend.👌🏻
  • Helpful, Interesting, but not quite perfect yet....

    By Naegele412
    Very happy overall with the app. I feel like some of the controls on the app are confusing. I work with phones for a living, I am in and on 100s of Apps - the fact I actually took the time out of my day to leave this review should speak volumes. As I said, my only thing is swipe this way, swipe that way, up, down, set it up and start, then start on the watch, leave the screen on... but then the screen shuts off, or is it still on, did the side button get hit and I shut it off? Or did the app shut the display off? A little quirky and weird to start.. So many different options for with a watch, without a watch, auto mode, manual mode, with audio, without, sleep sounds, none, etc.. Can all be a little unnerving when trying to figure out whether its on or off and tracking or not, etc. However, aside from that... I LOVE IT! Very interesting to see the sleep cycles, my heart rate, my quality of sleep, how many times I wake, etc. Helpful in visually showing how my sleep has looked over time. One complaint, or I should say ONE BIG COMPLAINT, is that I find myself waking every single morning like clockwork at about 3:30/4:00am and typically will take medication, take a drink, go to the bathroom, and go back to bed and I’ll go back to sleep until I actually get up for the day at around 6:30/7:00... The Apple Health app recognizes this and although it separates them into two different sleep sessions it at least recognizes that it’s additional sleep time. With the Pillow app it cuts off, stops recording data, and doesn’t provide me with any additional data points or information, recordings, etc once I wake the first time. It will still audibly wake me with the selected alarm at the appropriate time based on my sleep cycle, snooze function to wake at certain point in sleep cycle also works, etc. It clearly recognizes that I am sleeping, however, it will not allow that data to display in the app anywhere and I am nowhere near awake enough (nor do I want to be) to be worrying about - “Ok, phone is on, app is on, now open app on watch, select start again, look at phone and see if started, does stuff match up? Is my display still on, on the phone? On the watch? Does the watch screen matter??” Again, a little worrisome trying to figure out how exactly to do it so it works and the app collects data is all, and I understand that as a 3rd party app it needs the phone and/or watch to be in a certain state to not be effected by the iPhones controls and different cycles etc. it’s just a quirk I have to work through, that’s all. Honestly, that’s a very individual and personal feeling about the app. Its very likely that others will not be worried about it, will get exactly how to do the process right out of the gate to ensure data is collected by the device, it may just be me... Lastly, quite frankly, I would give the app 5-Stars if it continued to record my data after I wake and go back to sleep and gave me the ability to merge that information with the “first half” of the night. I’m typically sleeping, on a good night, from about 12:30/1:00 until 7:30/8:00 MAX. I am a small business owner, run another business, and my wife has a small business as well, we have two children - 3 & 6 yrs old, and are very busy. MOST NIGHTS, I go to bed between 2 and 3 in the morning, wake up once at around 3:30/4:00am (regardless of when I go to bed... Talk about an internal clock), and go back to bed until 7:00 at the latest - more often up around 6:30/6:45 and start my day with work and greeting the children for the day, then my wife gets them off to school and I go to work 4 days a week & two Saturdays a month, the other 2-3 days a week are spent around the house or working on my own business.. At the end of the day, I am very interested in my sleep, the role it plays in how I feel each day, how refreshed I am, and as a sufferer Severe Sleep Apnea that’s unable to wear or utilize a CPAP machine the data is important to me and interesting to me. It would be helpful in monitoring my sleep, seeing how my heart rate (and some day, Respiratory rate would be helpful as well - I haven’t seen that this can be captured/recorded anywhere if this is possible)changes during different sleep cycles/times, monitoring how much actual “recovery” & REM sleep I get in a night, and ultimately helpful figuring out how to actually keep me breathing and/or prevent me from dying in my sleep. Although that’s a little bit of hyperbole, in many ways it is a reality, and the fact that I only sleep 3-5 hours most nights and the app only captures half or less of that data because I get up once... Is a little crappy. Is that the apps fault? Can you fault the app? Not really... BUT the developers COULD make an option for this, it’s clearly still recognizing I am sleeping... so if there were some way for it to “pause” or recognize that break, then ask when I get up - “This appears to have been a short sleep interruption, or a time when you were awake and moving for a short period of time, but it appears as though you were able to go back to sleep until ____ a.m. - Is this accurate and should I merge or add that information to the first sleep session?” Or something along those lines... I am 100% certain I am not the only individual that gets up in the middle of the night.. I am sure I am not the only one seeing this problem, it just might not be as consistent or regular with everyone else. I am a Premium Member app subscriber, so I do hope you’ll add this as an option/capability for us in the future. Otherwise... FANTASTIC APP, and aside from a couple small personal differences and preferences, this is honestly and amazing app and I would highly recommend it anyway.. FOR ANYONE, and for EVERYONE, it is awesome! Thanks!
  • Was perfect til I got the new iPhone

    By elllenmelon
    I started using the app with my watch and iPhone 7.... fast forward to earlier this month when I got the iPhone XS and now this is a bunch of bs. It says I’m asleep when I’m at a music festival 2 nights in a row? Lol ok. Definitely NOT worth the $5 I pod for premium.
  • One little complaint

    By EricPrice1
    The sounds that play as you’re falling asleep (thunderstorm, rain, etc.) turn off way too fast. It’s supposed to detect whenever you’re asleep and then turned them off, but always just turns them off after a few minutes and I’m still awake.