10 easy ways to make your smartphone run faster

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10 easy ways to make your smartphone run faster

Did your brand new phone start to slow down a few months after you bought it? This happens to everyone. And, unfortunately, not only owners of budget smartphones can face this problem. High-end devices like the Galaxy Note 8 also tend to suddenly start to slow down after a few months of use.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can get your phone to 'fly' again. We've also added a couple of words about optimizing battery life. So let's see how you can help the device.

Use Files Go to clean up your data store

10 easy ways to make your smartphone run faster

Google's file organizer app is very handy. It not only analyzes which files and applications are not used on your smartphone, but also makes it easy to transfer files.

Files Go has a minimalist design with two tabs: Storage and Files. In the Storage tab, you can see how much space is left in the smartphone's memory, as well as tips on how to free it up. Plus, you can easily clear your app cache right from Files Go.

The application is useful when you need to find unnecessary files on your device. This is relevant if you have little internal memory, for example 8 or 16 GB. Those who have ever used ShareIt from Lenovo to transfer files to another device will also appreciate it.

Download Files Go (Free)

Disable or remove unnecessary pre-installed or unused apps

Most smartphones, with the exception of 'pixels' or devices on Android One, are crammed with various pre-installed junk out of the box. Fortunately, all of this can be turned off, or at best, uninstalled if you don't intend to use these apps.

Go to Settings – Applications and see which applications are preinstalled on our smartphone. And when an unknown application comes across, we disable or delete it. You can use the same Files Go to identify unused applications and remove them if necessary.

Install light versions of apps

10 easy ways to make your smartphone run faster

If your smartphone has limited memory and space, using poorly optimized apps can cause you a lot of misery. A great example is Facebook, which tends to slow down even on new 'pixels'. What can we say about all kinds of budget devices. But Facebook also has a lite version that works well because it uses only a fraction of the full application's resources. Initially Facebook Lite was designed for the lowest-cost devices in emerging markets, but the app soon went mainstream.

Facebook Lite is optimized for 2G networks and devices even with 1GB of RAM. It takes up nothing – less than 5MB – and offers a similar set of features to a regular application. You can also view the feed, update status, comment on posts, search for events in place and much more. So for avid Facebook users, this solution can be a solution if a regular application slows down their smartphones. Also Facebook has a light version of the messenger – Messenger Lite.

Twitter also has a light client. Since it is not an app, access to your feed, the ability to post tweets and more are available to you when you switch to the mobile version Twitter. And if you're chatting with friends and family in Skype, there is Skype Lite for you. It is designed for India and may not be available everywhere.

In addition, Google has lite versions of YouTube and search.

Check if the latest updates are installed

10 easy ways to make your smartphone run faster

Checking your smartphone for updates is a good practice. All vendors strive to release regular updates containing bug fixes and stability improvements. Google also releases monthly security updates, which are critical as they often fix security vulnerabilities. You may not notice a big difference in the overall user experience by installing a security patch, however, major and minor platform updates in general include a large list of fixes and can significantly improve the performance of your device.

However, too few companies release monthly updates on an ongoing basis; at best, your smartphone will receive them every three months. Without going deep into this issue, it can be argued that the update situation is a problem that needs a solution. However, even when an update is available, there is always a certain percentage of users who do not bother installing them.

For example, if your smartphone is still running Android version of Nougat, chances are that Oreo is available for it. Go to Settings – About device – Software update and check if there are any available updates, and if there are any, install them.

Clean up your home screen

10 easy ways to make your smartphone run faster

Using live wallpapers tends to slow down your smartphone, especially if it's on a budget. If you experience lags when switching between apps or exiting an app to the home screen, see if returning to static wallpaper and disabling animations helps.

If you're looking for a lightweight 'live wallpaper' that doesn't require a lot of performance, you can search for it in the Google Wallpapers app or Minima.

Try a different launcher

10 easy ways to make your smartphone run faster

OnePlus and Motorola offer a close to 'clean' user experience Android, in recent years HTC and Sony have also done less customization. Samsung has also opted for a clean, modern interface with its latest Samsung Experience. But her South Korean counterpart LG will have to catch up with her in this area for a long time. As well as companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo who use customization to stand out from their peers.

EMUI and MIUI are particularly heavy skins, and the interface can often feel overwhelmed by customization. Fortunately, you can always use third-party apps like Nova Launcher or Action Launcher to customize every element of the user interface.

So if the interface of your smartphone, which you have by default, starts to work frankly slowly, try using a third-party launcher.

Optimize battery performance

10 easy ways to make your smartphone run faster

If it seems to you that your smartphone is using up battery power faster than usual, this is usually due to an application stuck in memory, which is idle but continues to use processor resources. Apps running in the background also tend to eat up your battery, so it's a good idea to regularly check your battery usage in Settings.

Go to Settings> Battery to find the gluttonous app, and select Force Stop to remove it from the background.

Disable the ambient screen

10 easy ways to make your smartphone run faster

The always-on display is very handy if you want to be able to quickly see notifications without unlocking your phone, but this feature wastes battery power. And if the battery is draining too quickly, it might make sense to disable this mode.

Disable Bluetooth if not using it

10 easy ways to make your smartphone run faster

Turning off unused transmitters can help you save battery power. Perhaps, there won't be a very noticeable difference, but sometimes every little thing counts, and what is not used on an ongoing basis, for example, Bluetooth, it makes sense to disable.

But we do not recommend disabling location services, since most applications require location information to work.

Don't install apps that optimize battery consumption

It may sound strange, but most of these applications are just garbage. These 'utilities' do nothing useful, they just remove applications from the background and clear the cache, but you can get intrusive ads and even viruses in the load.

If you see that the phone is constantly slowing down and applications take a long time to load, it is better to remove applications from the background through the general list, each individually. And to clean the cache, use the same Files Go.

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