Galaxy Fold – we only sell in the right hands, distorted reality

You and I live in an amazing time when any point of view is possible, and facts are of little concern to those who try on the mantle of an expert. Significant events always gather around themselves a very interesting train of rumors, outright speculations and similar heresies. One of the key events this fall was the launch of the Galaxy Fold; instead of August, this device appears at the end of October. For some reason, many believed that this device with a flexible screen would not go on sale at all, it was canceled and forgotten. But this is not at all the case, it comes out in October, appeared in several countries in September and is already completely sold out. Demand exceeds supply several times, the device for a couple of thousand euros is dismantled like hot cakes. This fact does not fit into my head, and conspiracy theories are naturally born. I leaf through the newspaper “Vedomosti”, there is a noteworthy comment about this event, I will quote: “… head of the agency Content-Review Sergey Polovnikov: Samsung was in zugzwang and therefore was in a hurry. Polovnikov suspects that the number of devices in the first batch was small and that the company is trying to prevent a situation in which the device will receive negative reviews from customers. It is unlikely that there were random people among those who ordered smartphones from the first batch, Polovnikov believes. ”

Galaxy Fold - we only sell in the right hands, distorted reality

You don't need to be Nostradamus to know for sure that the first batch of Galaxy Fold is small – it was small this summer, it hasn't increased now. The limitation is the flexible screen technology itself and the yield of suitable matrices, which are still relatively uncommon. The demand for the Galaxy Fold is such that any country is ready to pick up any quantities of this device. But they simply do not exist, since the production of screens becomes the bottleneck. It is impossible to produce as many Folds as needed, as there are simply no screens. And the situation will improve gradually, but the product will remain in short supply. Several million devices in six months is a drop in the ocean for the whole world. And yes, Samsung has quite publicly announced its sales plans, marking the limit of its production, the upper bar.

I sincerely do not understand how you can make sure that there are no random people among those who placed the order. Select them only by IP address from Samsung office? When receiving money into the account, check where it came from and reject the payment? What do we have to do? Since October 4, the company has been accepting money for Galaxy Fold, money flowed like a river. People bought this device without even being able to touch it alive. Perhaps many of those who paid the money are resellers, since the secondary market promises to become alive (now European devices cost 200-250 thousand rubles, and they are few, there are already about a hundred Folds on the networks). But this is purely speculation, let's look at Avito after October 25 and evaluate the proposals. There won't be many of them, but they will definitely be.

In general, reading the article in Vedomosti, I could not get rid of the feeling of some kind of looking glass, I will quote a piece further: “This is evidenced, in particular, by the fact that already on Saturday, October 5, it was impossible to place an order with a prepayment, the system gave an error, says Polovnikov, and if the order was not partially paid, then the company does not guarantee receiving a smartphone. For the company, Polovnikov continues, it is extremely important that sales begin, but that the first smartphones do not fall into the wrong hands. I don’t know who and what ordered on the 5th, but even on the 6th of October payments were quietly going through. Moreover, even those who did not pay for the smartphone, but there were also those when the pre-order for money was closed due to the complete sale of devices from the batch that will arrive first, will have the opportunity to buy it. And this is logical, the device is too expensive to be scattered by buyers. And the target audience is clearly not the people who spend their lives online trying to prove something to someone.

In the same article, another person says: “Samsung is unlikely to allow these smartphones to enter the mass market.” What does it mean? What universe are these people from? The pre-order was for the most common market, come and buy. What is the selection of buyers? It would be funny if we were told about the need to earn the right to buy the Galaxy Fold. Idiocy? Definitely.

But everything is explained much easier – the product is popular, it is still scarce. And this is standard for the release of new, revolutionary products, they have never been able to fill up store shelves with such products, this has never happened.

And as a final remark – Samsung will not allow the appearance in 2020 of an inexpensive (everything is conditional in this world, as well as the word “inexpensive”) Galaxy Fold? That is, going from top to bottom in terms of prices is also some kind of tricky move? On the other hand, I will use the advice of Professor Preobrazhensky and will not read Soviet newspapers in the morning. You look, and my vision of the market, a successful pre-order of Galaxy Fold will not change. When failure is measured by the sums of half a billion rubles collected in a couple of days, then we will discuss with you your coordinates of success, I really want to see the starting point. In the meantime, the heresy that spreads from the lack of information looks very funny and amusing. On the other hand, if it is a failure, what will be the success?

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