Total Party Kill is a game in which you need to die to complete

Interesting and free games rarely appear on smartphones that are worth spending your time on. One of these for me was Total Party Kill – you have to go through this puzzle by killing your heroes.

Total Party Kill is a game in which you need to die to complete

According to the plot of the game, three heroes found themselves in an unknown dungeon. They need to go through all the rooms to get out. Each room looks like a large trap, from which only one can escape. All characters are enchanted, so they only die within the same room. In the next room, they come to life.

There are three characters in Total Party Kill – Warrior, Archer and Mage. The first can swing a sword, the second shoots arrows, and the third freezes people. They find themselves in a room with obstacles: sharp spikes, movable walls that are controlled by buttons, high steps and much more. The task is to bring any character to the door by sacrificing others.

Total Party Kill is a game in which you need to die to complete

The game will have to use the abilities of all characters, switching between them. An archer can nail another hero to the wall with an arrow, and then he turns into a step that you can jump onto. And a frozen character can be thrown onto thorns to jump over an obstacle. A warrior with his blow throws another a short distance. These skills can be combined, first freeze the warrior, and then the archer pushes the ice block away with an arrow.

Total Party Kill is a game in which you need to die to complete

An interesting mechanic comes out of this idea – to complete the level, you need to kill someone. Sometimes two at once. You have to throw your partners on spikes and jump over dead bodies. Sometimes a hero's corpse is used to push a button. At the same time, the murder of other characters in the game does not look cruel due to the pixel graphics and the absurdity of what is happening. And all this is accompanied by music in the spirit of 8-bit games from 'Dandy'.

Total Party Kill is a game in which you need to die to complete

Total Party Kill starts with very simple tasks that introduce the player to the mechanics. Over time, the riddles become more difficult, but just enough so that any person can complete the level with 3-5 attempts. Closer to the middle, one object will appear – a mirror, which is useful for solving puzzles. It can be used as a platform to climb higher. And the frost ball of the magician begins to fly back if it hits the mirror – so the magician can freeze himself. All this will have to be used for passing.

The controls in Total Party Kill are as simple and familiar as possible from old platformers. There are five buttons: move right / left, jump, hit and change character.

What is the result

Outwardly simple game, due to the combination of the skills of three characters and an interesting idea, turns into exciting entertainment. Great for your smartphone to pass the time in line or on the road. There are only 60 levels in Total Party Kill – each one takes no more than 5 minutes.

The game is free, but after passing 2-3 levels a commercial is shown. All ads can be blocked for 299 rubles. I am glad that the game does not try to attract too much attention to itself with annoying notifications or virtual energy to force the player to spend real money.

Total Party Kill is available on Google Play and App Store

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