10 gadgets of my dreams


  1. Home Laptop – Alienware m17 R2
  2. Home Monitor – Samsung C49RG90SSI
  3. Business Travel Laptop – 16-inch MacBook Pro
  4. WH-1000XM3 headphones
  5. Beats Powerbeats Pro Sports Headphones
  6. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and BlackBerry Key2 phones
  7. Clock
  8. Play Station 4 Pro
  9. Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Roborock Sweep T6
  10. Blender Blendtec Total Blender Classic Series FourSide
  11. Conclusion

Home Laptop – Alienware m17 R2

You might be wondering why not a MacBook. It's very simple: it is more interesting to work on Windows now. In the past, the key advantage of Macs was speed and battery life. Times have changed. Now Windows – beeches work longer and faster.

Dell's Alienware m17 R1 was shown at CES this winter. After only six months, it was updated. It has become even more stylish and slim. One letter has changed in the name – Alienware m17 R2.

What's so great about the Alienware m17 R2? 9th Gen i7 or i9 processor, 32GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX ™ 2080 8GB GDDR6 Max-Q Design, dual 512GB (4TB max) PCIe M.2 SSD (RAID0) array, multiple ports, perfect travel buttons on the keyboard (with a separate numeric block, by the way) 1.7 mm, glass touchpad. 144Hz screen, 17.3 inches, 9ms response. Resolution Full HD. The resolution is a bit surprising. Although you can survive. Weight 2.6 kg, thickness only 18.3 mm. And most importantly, no stupid highlights and a beautiful, austere design.

10 gadgets of my dreams

The laptop also has Tobii eye-tracking. The feature of the technology is that the computer monitors where you are looking and assists. In theory, this should help you aim better in games, but more useful in everyday life. For example, making a photo enlargement, the PC will try to guess where you are looking and scale that particular fragment. The same applies to tasks such as dragging a specific folder or hovering the mouse cursor.

You only need to take a laptop in white. Below in the photo is gray. You can see for yourself what looks less interesting than white.

10 gadgets of my dreams

The laptop is powerful enough to deliver 260 frames per second in VR games. In short, the perfect laptop for home and car travel. The performance is sufficient for both games and work.

10 gadgets of my dreams

Price: they do not sell in Russia, but for sure more than 300,000 rubles. In the west, they give a backpack for this money.

Home Monitor – Samsung C49RG90SSI

In theory, the HP Omen X Emperium 65 monitor at 300,000 could fit into this category. But this is not even a monitor, but some kind of TV. It looks, of course, impressive, but I'm still for adequacy, that's why Samsung C49RG90SSI. This is a new version of the 49-inch curved monitor from Samsung that I already had in my test. What changed? Now 5K resolution, 1000 nits brightness, even better HDR, 4ms response time, FreeSync 2 support.

You can connect two computers to the monitor at the same time and work immediately behind both. The screen will split in two. You can determine the proportions yourself.

10 gadgets of my dreams

Like this, only brighter and more resolution

Business Travel Laptop – 16-inch MacBook Pro

This item is still from the area of ​​juicy and abundant fantasies. As if not to jinx it, according to rumors, Apple in the fall will show a 16-inch laptop that will be 15-inch in size and weight. The main feature of the laptop is the new-old keyboard with a scissor mechanism. No silly 'butterflies'.

You only need a MacBook on the road. First, everyone will immediately understand that you are a solid and serious person. Whoever does not go with Apple. Secondly, when traveling, you often have to work in difficult conditions, but whatever one may say, the screens of MacBooks are still better than those of Windows – beeches. Better brightness and color rendering.

Third, the 16-inch MacBook will probably still weigh 1.8 kg and last at least 10 hours. Ideal for travel. Fourth, there are many USB Type-C ports. All telephones and other equipment can be connected. And recharge from any wire.

Fifth, discrete graphics. What if you need to process the video or want to play?

The price will probably be 250 thousand or so.

10 gadgets of my dreams

WH-1000XM3 headphones

Price: 29 990 rubles

Everything is simple here. The best noise canceling headphones on the market. The wow effect happens when you turn on your headphones in a noisy street. It seems that you are in advertising. Immediately you find yourself in silence. Somewhere far, far away cars drive, people stomp. And if you turn on the music, then nothing is heard at all. Magical sensations.

10 gadgets of my dreams

Beats Powerbeats Pro Sports Headphones

Price: 19 990 rubles

These are True Wireless headphones. But they don't just fit into the ear. They have earbuds, so when you are actively involved in sports, you can not be afraid that the earphone will fall out. And, of course, high-quality sound.

10 gadgets of my dreams

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and BlackBerry Key2 phones

I already have a complete order with the phones. Two of the best devices on the market. I think everything is clear with the Galaxy Note 9. According to my work, this device is given all the money. He takes photos, shoots videos, does basic content processing. Usually all video inserts are handled by our editor, but from time to time you have to use software on your phone for these purposes.

I constantly use the text recognition function. For example, at presentations, they like to first give a printed press release, and then after a while send an electronic version. In this situation, the easiest option is to take a picture and recognize it with the built-in software. I know, now they will say that you can download the program and achieve the same effect. But I don't want to download anything, I want it to work right away.

Of course, I also use the stylus – both for selecting text and inserting hand-drawn illustrations into the text.

Galaxy Note 9 is my landline phone. And when I'm on the go, I only use BlackBerry Key2. Firstly, I am not afraid to drop it, and it’s impossible. It has the most non-slip body. Secondly, the smartphone is compact and lightweight. Carrying the Note 9 in your pocket is a dubious pleasure. Thirdly, if you need to edit the text, then Key2 is irreplaceable. I got the hang of typing quickly and blindly. Fingers don't get tired. Fourthly, the Blackberry Hub for working with mail and business correspondence in instant messengers is simply divine. Fifth, I jump between applications with a combination of hot keys. Anyway, I do not know where some applications are located, I remember the hotkeys. For example, a voice recorder or notes app. These apps are needed regularly, but not too often, to be put on home screens. Hot keys are available from any screen. For Note 9, I set up a side pull-out menu for such tasks.

It is also a very beautiful phone. Well, or at least it is definitely more interesting externally than most modern glass.

10 gadgets of my dreams


A watch as a gadget is absolutely unnecessary. As a fitness bracelet, you can still track your heart rate, for example. But to receive notifications? Who are you kidding? There are no people so busy who need to check notifications on their watch. A smart watch is a distraction from important things. They buzz, vibrate, attract attention. As a result, a person looks like Pavlov's dog, constantly twitches. I have a friend who is constantly on the watch. He tells how great, so convenient, so useful. Recently I was so contemplated at the next notification that I first stepped on a piece of turd, and then slipped on the same one, and now my ankle is the size of a watermelon. Perhaps he will remain lame for life.

A watch doesn't have to be a gadget. This is a stylish accessory. Apple Watch is not stylish, who walks with Samsung, I also do not understand.

For active affairs, you must wear any of the G-Shocks. But I really like the Longines style. A simple yet darn elegant watch that will go with almost any outfit. For example, The Longines 1832.

10 gadgets of my dreams

Play Station 4 Pro

I suppose you can also not say much about the prefix. With the new strategy Microsoft, the Xbox console has finally lost all its advantages. Why Xbox when you can play in the cloud or on your computer? Previously, people with a lack of strategic thinking still bought the Xbox, but now it starts to reach them. It is not for nothing that the last report Microsoft 'sagged' sales.

Only the PlayStation remains. A powerful Sony division that produces the best exclusives.

Robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Roborock Sweep T6

The trouble with most of the big brand robotic vacuum cleaners is the lack of wet cleaning. They drive the dust, that's all. Roborock can do wet cleaning, and you can also adjust the water supply. You can also control the robot with your voice, calling it for help in difficult life situations. Of course, the robot is very smart. He remembers the floor plan, it can be customized by specifying at what time which rooms he will clean.

Price: 35 thousand rubles

10 gadgets of my dreams

Blender Blendtec Total Blender Classic Series FourSide

Price: 44,000 rubles

Most blenders are frail blenders, capable only of smoothies. In my opinion, power, brutality and wild rage are important in a blender. He must be scary, dangerous and able to crush even granite.

It's not for nothing that Blendtec named their blender Total Blender, because total grinding awaits anyone who gets in its way.

10 gadgets of my dreams


In the comments, tell us what gadgets you dream of.

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