10 reasons to buy Honor 10

In the comments to the previous article about 10 reasons against, serious battles unfolded and many copies were broken. However, any smartphone that appears on the market finds both its fans and opponents. Each potential buyer has his own criteria for choosing devices, which he is guided by when choosing the next smartphone. Let's try to figure out what parameters and characteristics can become the arguments that will outweigh the scales in favor of buying exactly Honor 10.

Reason 1

The first thing that comes to mind is a rather vague price / performance ratio.

Honor 10 is fine with that. A modern device with an excellent set of characteristics is offered at a price that has not been seen in new devices of this level for a long time – 26,990 rubles. for the version with 64 GB and 29,990 rubles. for the version with 128 GB of permanent memory. An excellent offer that will surely take off some of the sales from many manufacturers, including the notorious A-brands.

Reason 2

10 reasons to buy Honor 10

Appearance. The smartphone is bright and charismatic. The multi-layered back cover with 36 light reflection spectra is eye-catching and makes you look again and again. It looks very impressive. Bright, unusual colors of the device's body design are, on the one hand, a risk, since you can overdo it with originality, and at the same time, it is an opportunity to attract attention by creating a device unlike the others. In this regard, Huawei did everything – the smartphone does not look clumsy, but, on the contrary, makes an excellent impression thanks to the spectacular colors.

Reason 3

10 reasons to buy Honor 10

Oddly enough, here I can write down the parameter, declared in the previous material as a drawback – the LTPS display matrix. In fact, there are a huge number of people who do not like AMOLED – matrices with their poisonous colors, suffer from flicker and PenTile and prefer calm LTPS colors (which, in fact, are not much inferior to AMOLED – color saturation matrices). For them, the availability of a high-quality LTPS-matrix will be a strong argument in favor of choosing Honor 10.

Reason 4

10 reasons to buy Honor 10

There is a very large percentage of people who have never flashed their phone and have no idea what it is. For them, the main thing is stable operation and low power consumption, and they don't care about the number of custom firmwares and enhancers. It is for such users that the Kirin 970 processor Huawei will be a definite plus in Honor 10. The advantages of this processor include quite high performance in everyday tasks with moderate power consumption. What else do you need to be happy?

Reason 5


10 reasons to buy Honor 10

The main camera with a separate coprocessor, which provides the functioning of artificial intelligence for image processing, allows without human intervention to analyze the shooting conditions and select the most suitable parameters. Despite the lack of optical stabilization, the presence of artificial intelligence is a definite plus, since today a solution has been applied that is the future of mobile photography. So Honor 10 is a great way to get advanced technology for relatively little money.

10 reasons to buy Honor 10

This also includes a high-resolution front camera of as much as 24 MP, which will be a nice addition for selfie lovers. It is customary on the network to make fun of selfie lovers, attributing to them various hard-hitting cliches, which I consider unfair. There are situations where a good selfie camera comes in handy. And the better such a camera, the better for the target audience. And all these negative epithets, so actively discussed on the net, are mostly far-fetched and not worth paying attention to. A good selfie camera is awesome.

Reason 6

10 reasons to buy Honor 10

Display with trendy 19: 9 aspect ratio. Thanks to the use of this geometry, it was possible to fit a 5.84-inch display into a narrow and therefore comfortable for one hand. I think there is no need to prove that holding a narrow phone is much more comfortable than a wide shovel.

Reason 7

10 reasons to buy Honor 10

At the moment, most manufacturers who are fond of frameless displays are forced to transfer the fingerprint scanner to the rear surface (hello Samsung) or completely abandon it in favor of other, still rather controversial decisions on the type of face recognition (hello Apple. This is one of the reasons I didn't buy the Samsung S8. In this regard, Honor 10 is doing great – a smart ultrasound scanner that recognizes even wet fingers is located in the most convenient, in my opinion, place – on the front side under the display. Agree, it is much more convenient to unlock a phone lying, for example, on a table, if the scanner is in front, not behind. For those who care about this, this parameter can be decisive.

Reason 8

10 reasons to buy Honor 10

I foresee a violent reaction to this plus device – a cutout in the display, or 'bangs'. In fact, if we ignore the question of the secondary nature of this solution, the presence of this cutout is the next logical step in development, thanks to which it was possible to increase the usable display space without sacrificing grip comfort. In the 'ears' of the display, resulting from the addition of a cutout, the service indicators, which used to eat away the useful area of ​​the display, look very organic and appropriate. The use of such a design solution was only a matter of time and a logical development. Yes, here is an IPS matrix, and therefore those who want to hide the cutout by filling this area with black may be faced with the fact that the filled areas will still stand out against the background of the cutout, but, on the other hand, if you certainly want to hide the cutout, why do you need phone with this particular design?

Reason 9

10 reasons to buy Honor 10

If you like good sound in your phone, then this plus is for you. The manufacturer has placed a dedicated Asahi Kasei AK4376A DAC in the smartphone to reproduce high-quality sound, and it would be illogical to remove the standard audio jack. Everything is all right with that, Jack 3.5 has not gone anywhere. Music lovers will be delighted.

Reason 10

Once upon a time, the infrared port in the phone was the only way to transfer information between devices over the air. A lot of time has passed since then, and more advanced and faster methods of transferring information, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3 / 4G, have replaced the IrDA. Despite this, in some modern devices you can still find good old IR. It is only used now as a remote control and allows you to easily control various household appliances. Anyone who has used this functionality at least once understands how convenient it can be, and appreciates the presence of an IrDA in the device. So, in Honor 10 there is an infrared port, and that's great. There will be something to reduce the air conditioner that your 'hot' office colleague has turned on at full capacity.

Conclusion and conclusions

If you look at all 10 reasons, it turns out that Honor 10 is a very worthy device with its own unique features and an excellent price / quality ratio. We are all different, and therefore we all have different tastes, experiences and life principles. This means that one and the same characteristic or function for someone can become a decisive point in favor of a choice, and for someone, on the contrary, a reason to refuse a choice. Everyone chooses for himself according to his needs. It is possible that the device has advantages that I missed, but for you they are key in this matter. Write in the comments which parameters Honor 10 are the most important and necessary for you.

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