1More iBFree headset review


Next in line is another device from Chinese engineers working in the field of portable audio – these are wireless headphones from 1more, whose devices can often be found in the portfolio of another Chinese manufacturer – Xiaomi. However, in this case 1More acts as an independent manufacturer of the iBFree Sport model.

1More iBFree headset review


  • Device type: Bluetooth – headphones with microphone
  • Purpose: for sports
  • Type: in-ear (plugs)
  • Driver type: dynamic
  • Water protection: yes (IPX6)
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 4.1
  • Codec support: SBC / AAC
  • Radius: 9 m (+ – 1 m)
  • Playback time: 8 hours
  • Standby time: 240 h

And traditionally, let's start with packaging.

Packaging and equipment

The packaging is a small box made of a very thick cardboard in the style of the first generations of fitness bracelets Xiaomi. You can easily stand on this box, and nothing will come of it.

1More iBFree headset review

On the front side there is an image of the device, and on the back side, which, by the way, is red, lists the characteristics of the device and basic parameters such as impedance, operating time, and so on.

1More iBFree headset review

Inside we are waiting for two more small boxes, one of which contains a microUSB cable for charging the headset, as well as a set of interchangeable ear pads of various sizes and a set of mounts (stabilizers) that are needed so that the headset does not fall out of the ears during active movements and sports .

The second box contains the headset itself, laid in an ornate manner and instructions. And, in fact, there is nothing else in this box.

1More iBFree headset review

1More iBFree headset review

Among other things, the manufacturer included a branded sticker with a stylized bear in headphones and the inscription 1More.

1More iBFree headset review

Appearance and materials

The headphones themselves are two drivers connected by a wire and working via a wireless protocol Bluetooth.

1More iBFree headset review

The first thing that attracts attention is a rather massive remote control, on which, in addition to the main three control buttons, there is another large button for turning the device on and off.

1More iBFree headset review

In addition to the buttons, there is also a charging connector on the remote control, and, unfortunately, it is microUSB, not Type-C, because the device is not new and was developed a long time ago. The MicroUSB port is covered with a plastic flap, which provides additional protection against moisture – the headset can be exposed to rain and, in theory, nothing will happen (it has an IPX6 waterproof rating).

1More iBFree headset review

The plug slides sideways to reveal the charging port.

The wire that connects the drivers is soft enough, but at the same time tight, because of this, it retains the bend for a long time, which it 'remembered' when coiled in a box.

1More iBFree headset review

For a week of use, the wire did not fully unfold and also continues to bend. It is not comfortable.

1More iBFree headset review

1More iBFree headset review

The wire itself is red because I have a red model. There are also headphones in black, blue and light green colors with wires of the corresponding color.

1More iBFree headset review

There is a reducer on the back of the wire, that is, a retainer that is needed in order to remove the excess length of the wire if you want the headphones to lie more tightly around your neck. The latch moves freely enough along the wire, and there is a feeling that during use it will be easy to move out, but this does not happen. Despite the fact that he moves easily enough, he holds up well.

1More iBFree headset review

And now – to the appearance of the drivers themselves.

They, like the remote control, are quite massive and made of several layers of different materials.

Here and painted aluminum, and dense glossy and matte rubberized plastic.

1More iBFree headset review

Most of the drivers, I repeat, are large, since inside there is not only the driver itself, but also a separate battery.

1More iBFree headset review

Yes, the batteries are located not only in the remote control, but also in the headphones themselves, which, in theory, should give additional operating time, but more on that later.

At the bottom of the driver, closer to the stabilizers, you can see holes for additional microphones, which serve to cut off unnecessary noise during a conversation.

1More iBFree headset review

On the inner side, next to the sound guides, you can see compensatory holes for bleeding off excess pressure, traditional for many headphones. There are also side designations duplicated from the stabilizers (suddenly you decide to use headphones without stabilizers).

1More iBFree headset review

1More iBFree headset review

The sound guides themselves are elongated and long enough, you need to keep this in mind, since if you have shallow ears, then the large headphone cases will stick out even more from your ears.

The outputs of the sound guides are covered with a metal mesh of a sulfur filter.

1More iBFree headset review

Remote and wire

Now let's talk a little more about the remote control. In addition to being massive, it also has this additional power button, which is often confusing during use – you need to get used to this configuration in order to press the playback volume control buttons and ignore this button, which, in addition to turning the device on and off, has no other function.

1More iBFree headset review

Why it was done this way, I do not understand. It was much more convenient to place this button somewhere on the side, separate from the main unit.

Hidden between the buttons are two LEDs, blue and red, flashing depending on the specific task (charging, pairing).

1More iBFree headset review

1More iBFree headset review

Well, in addition, it should be said that the remote control, given the presence of a battery inside, is rather weighty and during use it pulls the entire structure to the right side, which is why you have to constantly adjust the headset, which also does not add convenience.

And the headset itself is felt very weighty in the hand.

1More iBFree headset review

As for the wire, despite its softness, it is made of a very dense rubberized plastic that clings to clothing and thus creates discomfort. On the other hand, the device is positioned as a sports device, and in the process of playing sports, durability and reliability are required, and this is not a problem for the headset.


But what pleased me was the mode of operation as a headset. During a conversation, due to the fact that the microphone is located on the remote control, which is located close enough to the mouth, the quality of speech transmission is at a high level – the interlocutors hear you clearly and do not complain about echo or interference. During a conversation out of ten calls, only once a situation arose in which the interlocutor complained about the speech quality – in a strong wind.

This parameter is a sure plus.

Working hours

A full charge takes about two hours. Long time for this type of device.

As for the battery life, here it is not a record. Despite the presence of additional batteries both in the remote control and in the drivers themselves, the music playback time at maximum volume is about eight hours, but the talk time is difficult to estimate, because, alas, it was impossible to speak for eight hours in a row. ? But if you calculate from mathematical proportions, then you should get the same eight hours.

Perhaps the point is that the headset does not use the newest version Bluetooth 4.2, or maybe it’s an optimization, but I would like to get more than eight hours.

Connection quality

The headset does not lose signal at a distance of 8-10 meters. And what is especially pleasing, it works confidently even when the phone is in the back pocket or in the bag. Moreover, this is true both for a separate room and for places with a high degree of air pollution. So there is complete order in this parameter.


Of the codecs, besides the standard SBC, there is also AAC, which adds optimism.

Actually, looking ahead, I will say that the sound seemed very good to me (for its price category).

Despite the absence of modern advanced codecs such as AptxHD, LDAC, the headset sounds surprisingly good.

The nature of the sound clearly shows the love of engineers for high frequencies, which are abundant here. There is also a pronounced low frequency, which makes the bass dense and voluminous, without the kick effect.

However, you have to pay for this with a somewhat failed middle, which is why the performer's voice does not sound as clear and bright as we would like.

At the same time, if I quibble to the end, then I would like to have less high frequencies also because, due to their dominance when listening to instrumental music at high volume, the dominance of the high frequencies starts to strain a little, as the sound begins to rattle and 'cycle', and all with a bass boom boom.

If you work with the equalizer and slightly remove the upper purities, then the sound turns out to be very good and balanced.

Once again, this is not some kind of HiFi level, but decent for amateur technology. In short, in the process of listening, there is no desire to turn it off and go to a monastery.

From the point of view of other parameters, the sound lacks transparency and purity, so it is unlikely that you will be able to hear any new overtones or new sound of your favorite compositions.


This is not a fully wireless headset designed for sports, and it copes with its direct duty. There is no outstanding sound quality and not record-breaking battery life, especially for this class of devices, but this is not a compromise 3 hours for TWS headsets, so I can't call 8 hours of music playback a disadvantage.

Among other things, there is a reliable metal case, a strong wire and protection from water – but what else does a person who leads an active lifestyle need?

In light of all of the above, the headset is definitely worth your money (and in Russian retail they ask for less than 2,000 rubles for a headset). For such a sum, it is hardly possible to find a headset with the best sound.

1More iBFree headset review

And therefore, the main question is only whether such a form factor is right for you, while the market is actively captured by fully wireless solutions (TWS).

The author thanks the X | Store branch in the city of Ulyanovsk for the device provided for review.

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