'John Wick' and HTC Vive – now together

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The company HTC is taking part in the development of a future virtual reality game based on the popular John Wick movie …

HTC _ Vive

In a press release from the filmmakers, Lionsgate said:

'Lionsgate, a global leader in next-generation content development, today announces its partnership with leading game developer and publisher Starbreeze to launch a virtual reality (VR) -based first-person shooter game based on the box office hit' John Wick ' . Best-of-breed virtual reality studio and distributor WEVR, the company behind theBlu: Encounter, which was used to unveil the virtual reality platform HTC Vive earlier this year, will provide players with a completely immersive virtual reality experience that will represent the game. Grab, a development team with extensive experience in mobile games and virtual reality, will play a leading role in the development. Starbreeze will port the product to multiple virtual reality platforms.

Fans will soon be able to get their first glimpse of the game during the events and stops HTC of the Vive World Tour, which takes place across the United States and Europe. The teaser will be available at launch HTC of the Vive as well as on SteamVR, with a launch time to be announced later this year. The full version of the game will appear for all existing virtual reality gadgets in spring 2016 '.

Thus, the company HTC gives users a first look at such content, which is important given the lack of interactivity of Vive's scaling technology. And this brings her developments and partnerships into the virtual reality space. The full text of the aforementioned press release can be found here.

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