5 'superhero' phones for comic and movie fans

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There are hero phones – those that have allowed their manufacturers to claim market dominance. And then there are superhero phones – they are almost the same as the first ones, but they were created for comic book fans. After all, they, like everyone else, are not averse to becoming the owners of the latest and coolest devices. Plus, being a fan of both technology and superheroes, it's hard to resist when a new movie rolls out alongside a chic-looking flagship.

If you can identify yourself with the target audience of such projects, you may be interested in a small selection of five limit 'superhero' phones. Doesn't your soul stir at the mention of the Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge? Maybe you should finally listen to the voice of your inner child?


Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man edition

This summer, Samsung has partnered with Marvel to launch the Galaxy S6 edge dedicated to Iron Man in Asian markets. Of course, the device is made in luxurious red and gold colors, the colors of Tony Stark's suit. In addition, there is a theme for Android dedicated to 'The Avengers' (with new icons, fonts and color scheme), and a custom wireless charging mat that looks like an ARC reactor. Samsung hit the mark: it's easy to imagine Tony Stark himself with this device, it would just be in the spirit of his narcissism.


Nokia Lumia 900 'The Dark Knight Rises' limited edition

Hey, does anyone remember the Nokia Lumia 900? Yes, that was three years ago, and the movie The Dark Knight came out three years ago. Rebirth of a Legend '. By coincidence, there was a smartphone that combined the best of both worlds, and that was the Lumia 900 'The Dark Knight Rises'. It has a bat-shaped symbol on its back, and inside is a cool Dark Knight Rises app, where you can find a bunch of wallpapers, ringtones and a game from Foursquare, which supposedly takes place in Gotham City.


Nokia Lumia 925 Superman Limited Edition

Just a day after the June 2013 release of Man of Steel, Nokia launched a limited edition Lumia 925 dedicated to Superman in China. With the exception of the Superman logo on the back, this smartphone is no different from its unlimited version physically, but inside you can find a cool Man of Steel app with a lot of fan content such as wallpapers, ringtones and digital versions of DC comics.


Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra Iron Man edition

One Touch Idol from Alcatel – Tony Stark's choice among inconspicuous middle peasants. Here, too, we see a bright red, like in his super suit, but a rather modest set of characteristics. A dual-core processor from MediaTek and 1 GB of RAM – Idol Ultra would rather fit the role of a spare device for Iron Man, but it is deservedly included in the list.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + Ant-Man edition

And finally, we have the Galaxy S6 Edge + Ant-Man edition. Unlike the Iron Man version, where Samsung focused primarily on design, the Ant-Man version is more elaborate. There is a cool design on the back, and the difference from the original version is in the box, the protective case that comes with the phone, and the Ant-Man theme. Unfortunately this version is released exclusively for China.


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