5 free timekiller games


I'll tell you about five interesting and, most importantly, free games that will help pass the waiting time.

We all sit in lines. In the store, in the hospital, in government offices. Sometimes the wait lasts 10 minutes, sometimes half an hour, but more often no longer than 5 minutes. And now you wait, social networks have been viewed, news has been read. In general, there is nothing to do. Thoughtless scrolling of desktops or studying the list of applications begins. I think many are familiar with this. The so-called time killers help to get through this tiring time. These are games with simple gameplay and short game sessions – from one to five minutes. This is salvation.

I want to tell you about five free games that will help you kill time while waiting for your turn.


In this puzzle, you create a shape by rotating the lines, corners and other pieces of which it is composed. Several figures can be obtained at one level. All of them must be closed – this is the main condition for victory.

The controls are simple. By clicking on a piece, you rotate it 90 degrees clockwise. The game is accompanied by a pleasant meditative melody, I advise you to play with headphones. Loop reminded me of an old game where it was necessary to combine computers into one network – the idea is the same, only the shell has changed.


The game has a 'dark mode' where you need to make sure that all the figures do not touch each other. The developers claim that Loop has an infinite number of levels. A construction mode is available for users – anyone can show their imagination and create their own level. You can also try out the levels of other users.

The game is free. For 49 rubles, you can remove ads and open 100+ levels for 'dark mode'.



The game will deal with the construction of power grids. Our task is to correctly lay power lines and evenly distribute the load from the hydroelectric power station to the substations. To do this, you need to choose suitable supports. A conventional electric pole, for example, may not be able to withstand the load from a power plant and is best connected to substations.


Balance's gameplay is similar to a city building simulator. You select the required support from the list and click to place it on the cell. After building the power grid, you need to choose the amount of electricity supplied from the station to the substations. The success of the game depends on the correctness of the constructed structure and the correctly chosen voltage. At any time, a weak link in the chain can malfunction and it will take time to repair.


The faster you build and run the power grid, the more stars you get. The stars open up new levels, there are only 36 of them. It may seem that this is not enough, but not all tasks can be completed the first time, and the game is distributed free of charge.


Brain It On!

A physics-based puzzle. You need to solve problems using drawn objects of various shapes and sizes. You may be asked to move the ball to the left wall and you need to push it towards it by drawing an object that will fall on top of it. The next level is 'put the ball in a glass', then you draw a kind of swing, on one side of which the ball will be located, and on the opposite side you throw a heavy object.

screenshot_20161210-000256 screenshot_20161210-000534

There are 200 tasks in the game. The most interesting thing is that there is no one right solution for the levels, the process is limited only by the player's imagination and ingenuity.



Moderately hard puzzle in which you have to untangle the chains and move the blue circles to their points. The orange lines prevent the green circuits from closing. The direction of the lines is changed by clicking on the circle.


Outwardly, the game looks minimalistic, but stylish. But the tasks themselves are not as simple as it might seem. Above levels 15, you have to think carefully. Although the game has only 45 levels – just enough not to get bored. I highly recommend playing with headphones – a beautiful melody plays in the background.



The gameplay of the game is as simple as possible. There is a playing field with objects of different colors and shapes. You need to direct the ball so that it ricochets all the white figures in one flight. It couldn't be easier. The game has 150 built-in levels, you can create them yourself and run the work of other players.


The game is essentially free, there is no advertising, as well as in-game currency. Only in the menu there is one item where you can choose the amount that the developer is willing to pay for labor – from 50 to 500 rubles. But this is not necessary either.


Let's summarize

Instead of an afterword, I would like to inform you about a Google Play discount on the PowerAMP music player and the Prince of Persia the Shadow and Flame game – they can be bought for 10 rubles.

Thank you for attention.

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