5 reasons why you should buy a YouTube subscription

YouTube has become quite dense in our lives. It doesn't matter who we are and what we watch: gadget reviews, interviews with famous (or not so famous) people, test drives of cars, movie trailers, business seminars, or something else. The important thing is that we all watch it. And recently, this service has become much more convenient than it used to be.

5 reasons why you should buy a YouTube subscription

Today we will talk about the YouTube Premium subscription, or rather, about what new opportunities the most popular video hosting offers us, if you pay it a little. And most importantly, why should it be done without hesitation!

Let's get started!

Reason # 1. Saving videos and entire playlists to the device

I often find myself on trains and airplanes and, unfortunately, for the duration of the trip, I am left without full access to the Internet. Before the YouTube Premium subscription appeared, it was necessary to perform a whole ritual in order to prepare the content for viewing on a trip: download videos from YouTube through a special service, and then upload it to a smartphone.

Now everything has become much easier – on the way to the train station or to the airport, I download videos or entire playlists directly from the standard YouTube application. A couple of taps, and the video is already available for offline viewing.

5 reasons why you should buy a YouTube subscription 5 reasons why you should buy a YouTube subscription

This use case is suitable for everyone who periodically or regularly remains without a good connection, and not necessarily trains or planes. If you like kayaking in Karelia, hiking in the taiga or traveling by car across the endless expanses of Russia, then it will be useful for you too.

Reason # 2. Working in the background

Not all content on YouTube needs to be watched. For the same interviews, seminars, educational and conversational videos, only the audio track is enough, so it would be nice to be able to consume such content in the background. And a subscription to YouTube Premium gives you this opportunity.

You can turn off the screen or switch to another application – the playback will continue anyway, and the sound will go to the speaker, headphones or car audio system. While driving, this is generally an irreplaceable thing, because, firstly, you are not distracted by the screen, and secondly, the battery lasts noticeably longer with the display turned off, and thirdly, you can always look into Yandex.Navigator without interrupting your listening. With regard to energy consumption, this will be true for all other situations.

5 reasons why you should buy a YouTube subscription

As a result, we get an audio podcast instead of a spoken video: the essence of the content is not lost, and the way of its consumption has become more convenient.

Reason number 3. No advertising

Not that the ads on YouTube annoyed me a lot, but using the service without it became much more pleasant. It's good when you don't have to wait even a few seconds to watch often irrelevant pre-rolls.

5 reasons why you should buy a YouTube subscription

But more in the absence of advertising, another moment bribed me. My child watches cartoons and educational videos on YouTube, and the algorithms of the service, unfortunately, do not always understand which advertising is unacceptable to be shown in front of children's videos. If Venus machines or lubricant for natural sensations are not so bad, then the trailer for the new part of 'Mummy' is clearly overkill. “From now on, the world is ruled by gods and monsters!” – when my two-year-old son said this phrase, my wife and I understood that something urgently needed to be done with advertising on YouTube. It's good that with the subscription now it is not at all.

Reason number 4. YouTube Music and Google Music included

I use Apple Music as my main music service, but from time to time I come across the absence of certain tracks in it. Before YouTube Premium, you had to manually download songs from other resources and then upload them to your library. Or use Vkontakte, but there have recently been many restrictions for free listening, and I didn't want to buy a subscription to this service for a few tracks a year. Now I find 90% of the missing songs in YouTube Music and add them to the playlist there.

5 reasons why you should buy a YouTube subscription 5 reasons why you should buy a YouTube subscription

In addition, there are interesting music channels on YouTube with cool covers (Radio Tapok, Rock Privet!). For some reason, they don't upload their songs to streaming services, so listening to them in the car was inconvenient. But YouTube Music helped with that too.

It’s unlikely that I would subscribe to the music service separately, but together with the premium features of regular YouTube, this is a great bonus.

Detailed YouTube Music review from Max Lubin:

YouTube Music, acquaintance

And if you use Google Music, then the surcharge for a YouTube Premium subscription, which includes this service, will be only 40 rubles.

Reason number 5. Adequate price

This is how smoothly we moved to the subscription cost, which is 199 rubles per month, and new users are given 1 month of trial use (at first it was 3 months, but then the conditions changed). There is a family option for 299 rubles (up to 6 accounts).

5 reasons why you should buy a YouTube subscription

I consider any price equivalent to a cup of good coffee in a decent establishment to be quite comfortable and does not require long internal approvals. If you are an active YouTube user and you have a place to apply related bonuses, then, as they say, you are welcome. At the very least, activate the trial period and see if you're willing to pay for this added convenience. If not, then the subscription without financial loss can always be canceled within a month.

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