6 months with OnePlus 5

On the fifth 'flagship killer' post factum …

A little more than six months have passed since the purchase and the full transition to OnePlus 5, I decided to share my impressions, I will try to be as objective and unbiased as possible.

Appearance, perception from the outside

In terms of design, the smartphone does not boggle the imagination, it can even be called a kind of reference: a matte black and gray design of the back side, a dual camera, a strictly black front panel without any indication of the brand, the harmony of which is disturbed only by the fingerprint sensor. aka the Home button. Everything as 'bequeathed' to the market iPhone 7 Plus.

Due to its low-key exterior, the device does not attract much attention: out of all my interlocutors, 10 percent asked about the phone, most of them because another sticker was glued to it. And only a handful of truly curious and attentive people noted that I had changed my phone and asked what kind of model it was.

The device did not cause a wow effect in anyone. Apparently, there are no geeks among my acquaintances, of the owners of similar devices – only one colleague. There is something to think about the Russian office of OnePlus. On the other hand, as noted in the article about the change in brand policy, there is a gradual abandonment of a purely 'geeky' image in favor of a more universal perception by wider masses of users. But the fact is obvious: OnePlus products still remain a niche, perhaps the upcoming models and marketing activity in our market will change the current state of affairs.


Most users will find the phone slippery and they would be right. Beveled edges and smooth metal do not add confidence in the grip, since there are many solutions (including from OnePlus) to provide a more secure grip. A kind of step towards this aspect was the release of a limited version of the OnePlus 5T Sandstone White with the coating so beloved by users of the company's past models. So if we talk about the subjective disadvantages of ergonomics, then only this aspect of OP5 can upset.

Otherwise, everything is as logical and simple as possible: the volume rocker and the notification mode switch are on the left, the power button is on the right. Let's say thank you Apple for this.
The 'bundle' of the display diagonal and software add-ons allows you to operate your smartphone with one hand in 90% of scenarios. You get used to it very quickly, and when using other smartphones, you instantly feel dissonance, the convenience is obvious. In terms of dimensions, the smartphone is not perceived as 5.5 ″, apparently, the thickness and relatively small frames on the sides of the display do their job.

Performance, autonomy

A little about the speed of the system. In this respect, OP5 is very encouraging: the combination of a processor that has not yet faded into the background and an impressive amount of RAM prevents the system from 'thinking', crashing, rebooting and spontaneously closing applications. For the entire time of use, nothing like this was noticed, the smartphone copes with all my tasks with lightning speed, even if they are absolutely simple. At the same time, there is no feeling that the system is working under load, the optimization is very pleasing.

Indicators of autonomy almost do not differ from those in the first week of using the device. I take off the device from charging at 9 am, and with my rather intensive mode of use, it discharges up to 30% by ten in the evening. This is an average value, depending on the location: as I once mentioned, at work the network (Yota) often changes the range (2G / 3G / LTE), apparently, these are the features of the building and location. Of course, outside work, the autonomy indicators are better, but the 'working' indicator suits me, and SGN4 is remembered with a smirk on his face.


Despite the assurances of my friend (Pasha, hello!) That I simply have to start Instagram ('You have a dual camera phone now!'), I never got into mobile photography. I didn’t take pictures more often, I didn’t get carried away with subject shooting, I didn’t like 'myself'. However, sometimes there is a fleeting need to capture some moments. Here are some of them, auto mode, click-to-zoom.

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