A quick review of Ausdom TW001 wireless headphones

Not so long ago, I received a package from China with a large number of Ausdom wireless headphones. I was especially interested in wireless headphones (True Wireless) called TW01. But I was even more surprised by the cost of this gadget – only about 1,000 rubles. As they say, take it – I don't want to! That is, even if they do not meet your expectations, then at least you will not pay the most money for true wireless 'ears'.

Among the advantages of this model, it is worth highlighting the support for Bletooth version 5.0, sweat protection and a special case with a built-in battery that allows you to extend the TW01's 'life' up to 18 hours. From the pleasant – the headphones keep perfectly in the case thanks to the magnets.

Contents of delivery

  • Case
  • Two earphones
  • USB cable
  • Ear cushions in three sizes
  • Instructions

A quick review of Ausdom TW001 wireless headphones

Technical information

  • Emitter diameter: 8mm
  • Communication: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Sensitivity: 90dB
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20,000 Hz
  • Resistance: 14 ohm
  • Microphone: yes
  • Control buttons: yes
  • Battery capacity: 50 mAh in each earbud and 600 mAh in the case
  • Charging time for earbuds and case: approximately 1.5 hours

Appearance TW01

I am sure that you have never seen simpler headphones. It seems to me that even wired 'ears' for 20 rubles from AliExpress will look more solid. On the other hand, Ausdom TW01 fits almost completely in the auricle, therefore, due to its compactness, there is nothing special to consider: an ordinary black plastic case assembled from two halves, a mechanical button (on both headphones), an operation indicator, a microphone, two small contact pads for charging and long sound channel with ear cushions.

A quick review of Ausdom TW001 wireless headphones

The 'ears' capsule itself has the following miniature dimensions: 23x15x13 mm, and the weight of one earphone is 4.5 grams, the case with gadgets is 45 grams. In general, very small and weightless.

The assembly did not raise any questions. Confused by the support for IPx4, that is, splash protection. Most likely, it is, but would not check. Ausdom TW01 copes with sweat well: training for 1.5 hours – no problem.

A quick review of Ausdom TW001 wireless headphones

Separately, it should be said that the headphones sit very well in the auricle, like a glove: you can run, jump or perform acrobatic numbers. At the same time, you do not feel discomfort. Another issue is the maximum passive noise isolation. Here it is already for an amateur: someone will like this kind of 'earplugs', someone will not.

A quick review of Ausdom TW001 wireless headphones

TW01 has mechanical buttons. They are responsible for the following functions:

  • Switching on and off
  • Play / pause
  • Answering a call, hanging up
  • Switching track
  • Call your voice assistant (Siri or Google Assistant)

Case appearance

As much as possible similar to the headphone box Huawei FreeBuds, only matte black. Like the headphones themselves, the case is made of the simplest plastic. Someone may call it cheap, but I do not like this word, since everything is done smartly: there are magnets to hold both the headphones and the case cover. Immediately I remember Jabra-headsets without these nice little things …

A quick review of Ausdom TW001 wireless headphones

A quick review of Ausdom TW001 wireless headphones

The 'barrel' has a micro-USB connector and a charge indicator. The dimensions of the case are 70x33x30 mm, the weight has already been indicated above – only 45 grams.

Sound quality

Of the negative points in this section, it is worth noting the pairing of two headphones. Usually, what happens: take out gadgets, add them to your smartphone – and enjoy the music. In the case of Ausdom, I had to fiddle with establishing a 'relationship' between headphones, and only then pair with a smartphone. From time to time, the settings failed, and I had to connect the 'ears' to each other again.

Another important point: one way or another, you will encounter a disconnect between the headphones – a standard story. This happens quite often, in my opinion, about a second once a minute. However, sometimes the music is not interrupted even for 10-15 minutes. The pattern has not been calculated.

A quick review of Ausdom TW001 wireless headphones

But the sound is surprisingly very powerful and energetic! The highest volume, deep bass, good mids and highs. A wide stereo base is also a plus. That is, for 1,000 rubles, I did not expect such a decent sound from Ausdom TW01! I can easily compare them by sound parameters with FreeBuds from Huawei, which cost 7 times more.

I will not paint the scene where and how the musicians, sibilants, elasticity and other tricks inherent in professional audio equipment sit.

Ausdom TW01 is suitable as a headset. The sound is simple, boomy, but the interlocutors hear you normally.


I was completely satisfied with the Ausdom TW01 headphones. For their money, they offer maximum possibilities: cool sound, long operating time (up to 5 hours of music and up to 3 hours of calls), a convenient case with a built-in battery.

A quick review of Ausdom TW001 wireless headphones

Cons: as usual – interruption of music due to disconnect between headphones. Almost all TW 'ears' suffer from this 'disease'.

If you have never had True Wireless headphones, then this model can be tried at least because it costs about 1,000 rubles. Rather than buying a pig in a poke on AliExpress, it's better to take what we have already tested.

I will leave a link to the official website of the store here.

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