A selection of gadgets with IFA

A series of articles dedicated to IFA has been published on the site. But, in addition to the main presentations, the exhibition showed many different interesting gadgets that I want to share with you.


  1. Smart mirror
  2. Gorgeous robotic pants from the company LG
  3. Smart cooker from AEG
  4. Skagen Falster 2 watches
  5. Lenovo Yoga Book C930
  6. Acer Swift 5
  7. Sony SRS-XB01
  8. New from Razer
  9. Acer Predator Thronos
  10. Somnox Sleep Robot
  11. Conclusion

Smart mirror

When you think about a smart home, a mirror immediately comes to mind, like in the movie '7 Sisters' (if you haven't watched it, then I recommend it – it's a great fantasy), which analyzes the appearance, makes comments on skin care and recommendations. For example, that you need to drink more water. HiMirror works diligently in this direction. So far, they have managed to build a mirror with a built-in camera. The product is called HiMirror Mini Premium. This is such a small mirror. There is still a long way to go to the functionality of film science fiction, but the mirror can analyze the condition of the skin and track changes. The company says that with the latter feature, it will be possible to measure whether trendy creams that promise a 30% reduction in wrinkles in a week are working or not.

In October, sales of the gadget will start in Europe at a price of 259 euros.

HiMirror companies can only applaud, since for the first time with their idea they appeared at CES 2017, and now, 1.5 years later, they are going to supply a commercial sample to Europe.

Gorgeous robotic pants from the company LG

E. Vildyaev, a special correspondent of Mobile-Review at IFA 2018, encountered difficulties in getting into the stand LG. But, armed with valor and courage, he still wrote a material in which he talked about phones, but complained that he really doesn't like running through presentations:

IFA 2018. Company stand LG

Vildyaev E. did not even suspect how close the solution to his problem was! At the company's stand LG robotic pants were demonstrated.

A selection of gadgets with IFA

This is an exoskeleton. As conceived by the creators, it should make it easier for workers in the warehouse to carry heavy objects by removing the load on their legs. After all, it's always nice when your feet walk for you. Of course, nothing was said about the price and delivery time, but there was a working prototype on the stand. The prototype is made in the style of 'sandals', that is, it is easy to get in and out of it. By the way, that is why such prototypes are shown in Germany, and not in Russia. We would definitely have someone try to try out a Korean curiosity.

A selection of gadgets with IFA

Smart cooker from AEG

Finally, the technique is heading in the right direction. Let me imagine a stove equipped with sensors and sensors, which will itself determine when to turn off the heat or, conversely, add heat. You can forget about the burnt omelette, and you no longer have to poke a fork into the potatoes, checking the degree of readiness, and it will be a pleasure to cook hard-boiled eggs.

A selection of gadgets with IFA

AEG's smart cooker is called SenseCook. Let me give you a specific example of technology. You put water on the stove. The stove will independently determine when the water will boil and will reduce the power, while maintaining a boil. Also, the stove will remember the settings you like. An example is the preparation of steaks. Relatively speaking, you praised the steak, after which the stove will automatically set the same settings for cooking – temperature, time, etc.

Sales are promised to start in April 2019. The price is relatively low – $ 580.

A selection of gadgets with IFA

Skagen Falster 2 watches

Watchmaker Skagen announced that the new Falster 2 smartwatch, powered by Google Wear OS, will go on sale on September 12 for $ 275. Interestingly, on September 12, we will probably also be shown Apple Watch.

A selection of gadgets with IFA

So, Skagen Falster 2 is a pretty pumped-up gadget. He knows how to track the heartbeat, count steps, has a built-in GPS, altimeter, and NFC with support for Google Pay.

The watch design is in the best traditions of Skagen – elegant and minimalistic. The dial size is 40 mm. Unfortunately, I did not find the thickness, since the watch looks very well-fed in the photo.

A selection of gadgets with IFA

Lenovo Yoga Book C930

Lenovo continues to brave experiments. The company already has one Yoga Book with a LCD screen instead of a keyboard, but the company has gone further with IFA. The new Yoga C930 uses e-paper and vibrating feedback sensors. A stylus is included with the laptop.

A selection of gadgets with IFA

The use of e-paper is likely to increase battery life, but in the past generation LCD screens were colored and paper was black and white. In theory, on electronic paper, you can place such a virtual keyboard, whatever your heart desires or what you need when working with a particular application. For example, you can customize the buttons you want for quick work in Photoshop.

However, all on-screen keyboards have a common problem: so far, they are poorly suited for typing large texts on them.

A selection of gadgets with IFA

The i5-powered laptop will go on sale for $ 999 in late October. As I understand it, in this case we are talking only about the United States.

Acer Swift 5

Acer introduced a new ultra-thin and ultra-light laptop. Swift 5 is even lighter LG Gram. The new laptop with a screen diagonal of 15 inches and an eighth generation processor from Intel weighs only 997 grams and costs $ 1,100. By tradition, they did not say anything when the laptop will be available in Russia and whether it will be sold in our country at all. And in the US, it will appear in January 2019.

A selection of gadgets with IFA

Sony SRS-XB01

Well, in the camp of teenagers listening to music through a speaker, a holiday. Sony unveiled a new portable speaker SRS-XB01. It was hoped that since Sony, the price would be cosmic, and, as you know, not too intellectually gifted listeners of portable acoustics usually have financial problems at night in the yard. However, everything is clear here too. The stated price is $ 35.

A selection of gadgets with IFA

The feature of the column is its compactness. SRS-XB01, for example, can be attached to a backpack and go very happy, listening to Yegor Creed and Aljay. Battery life is 6 hours. An additional disappointment from the fact that the speaker belongs to the Sony’s Extra Bass line, that is, even if the sound is not very good, it will bang heartily. Sales promise to start in October, we will get to the New Year.

A selection of gadgets with IFA

New from Razer

Razer's new peripherals are where marketing decides. I do not want to delve into the characteristics. I just like the titles. Try saying them out loud. I think you will understand the whole thrill.

For example, the new Mamba Wireless Mouse is a wireless mouse that can last 50 hours on a single charge. The price of the mouse is $ 100.

A selection of gadgets with IFA

Or the keyboard – The BlackWidow Elite (The BlackWidow Elite) – a mechanical keyboard with backlit and Razen Hypershift function, allowing you to create your own hotkey combinations. Price – $ 170.

A selection of gadgets with IFA

And for sweetness, I left a great headset called THX Kraken Tournament Edition (TeHeX Kraken Taurnament Edition). In general, you can throw out any words, and leave only the 'Kraken'. The price is $ 100.

A selection of gadgets with IFA

I can imagine a tired gamer coming home after work. He puts on the Kraken's head, puts his right hand on the Mamba, and caresses Ze BlackVideo Elite with his left.

Acer Predator Thronos

Acer decided to keep up and presented their cool sounding toy. The Predator Thronos is a gaming chair in which the player sits down and faces three 27-inch monitors in an arc. You are sitting at the same time, falling back. Looking at the photo, it seems that this is some kind of simulator for space pilots.

During the game, the chair can vibrate. No prices or dates were announced. Looks cool, so just check out the pictures:

A selection of gadgets with IFA A selection of gadgets with IFA A selection of gadgets with IFA

Somnox Sleep Robot

After all the games and the kraken on your head, it can be difficult to fall asleep. Somnox presented a robot that you need to hug, and then you sleep well. The company issued a press release, which implies that the robot is not just a luminous piece of something incomprehensible, but a very technological thing. It carries the very latest research in the field of sleep.

A selection of gadgets with IFA

So, the process of falling asleep looks like this. You lie down and hug the robot, which begins to breathe rhythmically. You can feel his sighs with your hands. Along the way, the robot will make various calming sounds. You involuntarily adjust to the breathing of the robot, you also begin to make soothing sounds and quickly fall asleep.

The company tested the gadget for 5,000 people for 2 years. And now he estimates it at 499 euros when purchased through the company's online store.

A selection of gadgets with IFA

I wanted to write that I hadn't figured out how to deal with the robot if you sleep on your back and not on your side, but then I spat. It doesn't matter! 499 euros in rubles is 40,000, so I decided to just put money on the nightstand next to the bed. Looking at the red pieces of paper, I always feel relaxed and start making soothing sounds without any robots.


In the comments, share your impressions of the exhibition, tell us what you saw interesting. Judging by the announcements, the exhibition, unfortunately, is dying. Most of the gadgets were presented either at the beginning of the year in Las Vegas or in Barcelona. Perhaps the world used to need two exhibitions – one for the New and the other for the Old World. However, the redundancy of the IFA is evident today.

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