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Over the weekend, I updated my iMac to High Sierra, looked at 900 GB of internal memory data, and so I was too lazy to sort through and re-save all this, in the end I decided to make an update without a backup. The system with all the updates was installed for almost two hours, and during this time I had time to think about the importance of data backup and my own laxity.

In general, I believe that a backup is like a general cleaning, it should be regular, and you just need to accustom yourself to this procedure. If I were responsible and disciplined, I would probably do a full backup on the first of every month. Most likely, this would be my virtual spring cleaning.

To begin with, I would open all the photos uploaded to Dropbox, delete duplicates, sort them by album, and then upload the clean version to my smartphone. After that, I would analyze the contents of the hard drive. I would delete films that I have already watched, music that I don't listen to, data that I no longer need.

About backup

After that, I would save all photos and videos to a separate drive and proceed to the general backup of the system. On a Mac, this is done very conveniently, but if you use a Time Capsule router, then the backup, although it goes in automatic mode, all this takes a painfully long time. Whether it's a hard drive: plugged in, reloaded, unplugged and put it in a drawer for a month.

On Android, at one time I made two backups: via Titanium Backup and a full snapshot of the system via Custom Recovery, on iOS it is easier with this, just connect to iTunes, and the backup will be saved automatically . Many Android – smartphones have their own backups for this. In general, during the monthly backup day, I would also update the phone backup.

But this is in an ideal world, but in the meantime Time Machine reminded that there was no backup for a year and a half, I did not understand Dropbox for about the same time, and I can only dream of neat iPhone albums. And so, reflecting on my own inconsistency, I thought: I wonder, but how are our readers doing? Is my position of spontaneous backup closer to them, or are they more responsible and disciplined? Tell us in the comments how often you make a backup, what exactly you save and what utilities you use.

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