Android and accessories: August 2015

Surely many of you know such a product as Plantronics BackBeat Pro – the model did not even need to be advertised, word of mouth worked and many decided to at least try the headphones, discover additional opportunities besides the basic ones. Normal price, really working 'noise reduction', good sound quality, here is a brief description of Pro, you can read more in the review on the site. Well, I want to say that the company has prepared another interesting model in this format, we are talking about on-ear headphones. It is called BackBeat Sense, of the interesting possibilities it is worth noting the use of Bluetooth Class 1, this will allow using headphones at a distance of 100 meters. Another 18 hours of work in music listening mode, a comfortable headband, sensors that turn off the headset as soon as you take it off, and many other tricks. The review will be ready from day to day, the product is very interesting.


We sent a release about JBL Flip 3, as you can see, the company updated all its hits this year, there will be a new one, but for now let's talk about the third Flip. First, we added protection against water and dust. You cannot throw it into the water, but if the column gets into the rain, nothing bad will happen. Secondly, now passive radiators are installed at the ends, there is a microphone – that is, you can answer a call. Thirdly, the column lasts 10 hours from the battery. And the cost, attention, 5990 rubles. In times of crisis, these are the things people need. A functional speaker with good sound and good price.


Well, now a little exotic, AeroTwist column. Looks like a donut, right? But, in fact, it can be opened to hang on a belt or on a branch in the forest. Invented the device in Jarre – remember the chrome skulls? The column is connected via Bluetooth, works for 10 hours.

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Adapt Technology's cable, also known as a bracelet, is called Charging Cable Bracelet. It comes in two versions, Lightning and MicroUSB, and costs $ 25. How do you like the idea? It seems to me simple and tasteful, although I would not carry the cable on my hand.

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Finally, the last thing for today. These are a couple of necessary accessories from Tylt for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, a case with a built-in battery and a stand – let me remind you that the device supports wireless charging according to the Qi standard, the accessories also support it. The case has a 3400 mAh battery inside, it looks very interesting in life. You can remove the battery and use only the cover.


And, of course, this week we will see a lot of new products, friends. Follow the blog updates!

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