Android and accessories: July 2015

Interesting wireless earbuds from Samsung and a wireless headset Xiaomi, a case that you are not ashamed to put on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Sony's proprietary 'fast' charging and a reliable car charger


I'll start with Samsung Level On Wireless, readers liked these wireless headphones, the review is already on our website, here I would like to draw conclusions: 'This model has all the makings to become a hit. The design is not bad, if you don't like blue headphones, buy black ones. There are no complaints about the assembly, sound quality, battery life, everything is fine and even excellent here. I didn’t like the touch control, it’s still unclear how the panel will behave in the cold. Samsung hasn't thought of something here. By the way, this also applies to Parrot. Everything is beautiful on paper, but in life it is sometimes not at all so. But I will continue about Samsung Level On Wireless. In addition to all the advantages, there is also a noise reduction system, it falls short of the Bose QC, but it can be compared with other models. And that's not bad either. Choosing on-ear advanced headphones – be sure to pay attention to this model. At the very least, it's worth listening. ' In general, for devices based on Android a good model.


A wireless headset Xiaomi is an interesting thing in terms of design, looks minimalistic, supports bluetooth 4.1, has a DSP, and lasts about 5 hours of talk time. In China it costs 12 dollars, we have, apparently, about a thousand rubles. I would very much like to try this device, I wonder what the quality of speech transmission is for that kind of money.


Hiding the beautiful case of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in a case is somehow silly, but there is also a simple solution like the SPIGEN SGP Liquid Crystal capsule – the device is protected and looks normal. The accessory costs 1190 rubles. See how great it looks with smartphones of different colors.


A power supply unit with support for Sony UCH10 fast charging appeared in the Sonystyle store, costs 1590 rubles, suitable for use with Sony Xperia Z2, Z3 / Z3 Compact, the latest tablets, ideal for Z3 + – for 10 minutes of charging 5.5 hours of operation (!) . You can find out about compatibility here.


I think I already talked about good chargers in the car – it is worth repeating, this is Just Mobile, model J | M Highway Max. Dual USB ports, knurled aluminum 'head', can charge both smartphones and tablets. Such an accessory costs about 1400 rubles. Reliability is why Just Mobile is worth choosing.


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