Android and accessories: September 2015

Let's start right away, the first stop is JBL Xtreme. People's love for JBL is growing stronger, the dealership is trying to keep normal prices and quickly deliver the latest novelties to consumers. For example, this is the JBL Xtreme, a large column for 17,000 rubles with water protection, two USB connectors for charging a variety of gadgets and great sound. Connection via Bluetooth, very original appearance, in general, I love Xtreme, a kind of large Charge option.

Android and accessories: September 2015

Sony SmartBand 2, Sony has set a very good price tag for a tracker with a heart rate monitor, this is 8,000 rubles, you get all the traditional features (pedometer) in a compact version and with wide capabilities. There will be a lot of straps for the sensor, those that are available are quite comfortable and beautiful, I used it myself. It seems to me that this is a potential hit, since for this money, devices with comparable capabilities are considered not.


Recently filmed another portion of the video and I came across interesting Pacsafe Metrosafe bags. In general, the firm has 'anti-theft' products, such is the specialization. But in this case, I want to tell you exactly about the Metrosafe model, it seems to me that it is the most optimal for use in the city. The price is 5,000 rubles, it doesn't look like ah, but you can't cut the strap, it's difficult to open it with a knife, there are other points. You can see it on our channel if you are interested.


Cogito Classic is a good smartwatch for smartphones and tablets based on Android, now the sale has started at diHouse, you can take a look, a watch with a silicone strap now costs 6990 rubles. It's not bad. I personally like the watch design, materials.


And finally, the highlight of the program is the Sony MDR-ZX770BN. Once again, I advise everyone. Worth as expected, excellent sound quality, you can connect via Bluetooth or using a cable. Wonderful headphones without any magic claims, just a good thing.

Android and accessories: September 2015

P.S. I read the comments to the last issue and was pretty surprised – we are not discussing here salaries in the regions, but all sorts of interesting things from the point of view of technology. Maybe, since the salary is small and everything around is gray, sad, then you shouldn't sit on the Internet and read articles, but you should go to work / study with redoubled diligence? So that you don't have time for comments? It seems to me that this is quite logical.

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