Android for dummies # 28. Some statistics

Where can I find a list of recent purchases on Google Play, the total number of contacts saved in Gmail, or the number of photos uploaded to Google Photos? And how do you know how many branded services are linked to your Google account?


The statistics page in your Google account will help you answer all these questions. You can open it by clicking on the following link

First of all, here you can find out how actively you use this or that service. For example, the Google Play app store. What devices are attached to it Android, how many programs and music tracks have been purchased, how many playlists have been created, and so on.





You can also find more interesting things here. For example, location history. The map of your movements will be displayed on Google Maps, and you can view it for any day.


In addition, from your personal account, you can literally go to the settings of any service in one click. For example, set up circles on Google Plus, share documents from Google Drive, or change privacy settings on YouTube.


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