Apple as a monopoly at its worst

Monopolies are evil. There is not a single example of the positive impact of monopoly in the world. Monopoly is a warm swamp in which it is pleasant to sit and croak. It is harmful, counterproductive, and ultimately leads to dire consequences.

A great example of a monopoly is Gazprom with its famous slogan “Dreams Come True.” The company has no competitors, so it has not developed for a long time, it only does basic things to keep it afloat. And profit after mandatory taxes is distributed to bonuses and various amenities for employees (additional payments and awards, payment for treatment, repayment of mortgage interest, each employee is entitled to more than 100 thousand rubles for vacation once a year, etc.). Consider Shell, which has long been not only an oil and gas company, but also a technology and IT leader, and one of the main innovators in the field of alternative energy sources. This is because Shell operates in the open market. The company understands that resources are finite and the world is moving towards clean energy. Gazprom does not think about it. It will not be possible to sell gas to Europe – there will always be third world countries where it will be possible to sell. And when the resources run out, the Gazprom employees will simply say, 'Well, it was nice to work together. Let's go sell something else. '

Some might say that the state's monopoly on government is a blessing. Look at China, where this monopoly has reached such proportions that the state completely regulates the behavior of its citizens.

In Russia, a perfect example of an IT monopoly is Yandex, which exists only because there is a state that protects the company. Well, because many Western players don't care about Russia yet. Our purchasing potential is no match for China. Is that the point to bother?

Apple is also a typical monopoly. If the customer doesn't like the laptop Acer, he'll go and buy himself a Dell. Don't like Huawei – yes Honor. The client feels at ease. He selects the best product in terms of price, quality and technology. This also encourages manufacturers to develop.

Apple is both the creator and usurper of iOS and macOS. If you want to work on macOS, then there is no choice: go for the MacBook.

The first butterfly keyboard Apple was introduced back in 2015. And for four years, customers buying a premium, expensive laptop were forced to use a defective product. The frank moronism of the situation is perfectly demonstrated by the instruction still available on the manufacturer's website: how to clean the keyboard using a compressed air cylinder.

Apple as a monopoly at its worst

The instruction shows how to hold the laptop, how to blow, how to turn the laptop and blow again. Imagine a similar situation with any other manufacturer. It is impossible in principle, since buyers would simply buy a product from another vendor.

And in 2019 Apple released the first laptop with an updated keyboard. However, the company did not admit the error. 'Butterfly' is still called a cool, innovative and superreliable. And defective laptops are still on sale.

Is the new MacBook Pro 16 keyboard better? It has become more reliable, but it cannot be called as pleasant as in the models before 2015. Butterfly key travel was only 0.55 mm. When I worked at this laptop, it felt like drumming your fingers on the table. From this hands quickly got tired, and work turned into torment. The original scissor keyboard had a perfect travel for 1.6mm deep buttons. Exactly as much as necessary for comfortable and soft work. The new 'scissors' have a stroke of 1 mm. The same depth, for example, on the new Dell XPS 13. The laptop itself is great, but I can not call the keyboard comfortable for typing large texts. For at least a week of testing, I'm still not used to it. Will I buy a laptop with an uncomfortable keyboard from this manufacturer? I love Dell, but since the keyboard does not suit me, then I will not force myself. In the case of Apple, I have no alternative. Or short 'scissors', or even more terrible 'butterfly'. An excellent example to explain to modern children the meaning of the expression 'between Scylla and Charybdis'. Considering the cost of laptops from Apple in several thousand dollars, the whole situation smacks of some kind of masochism. The client seems to be saying: 'Yes, I want to be humiliated for my own money.'

Apple as a monopoly at its worst

Recently Apple introduced iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. We even released a thematic material about the adoption of the design from Apple.

5 stages of Kubler-Ross in design debates iPhone

The fans of the company had to put up with the design of new smartphones Apple. Look for beauty in the ugly, hide the smartphone in a case, put it on the table with the screen up, pretending that everything is fine. Some even desperately went on the offensive, claiming that they liked the appearance. Violence over one's own psyche is a path to nowhere. But customers have no choice, since iOS exclusively belongs to Apple.

iOS, by the way, an excellent, reliable, but infinitely outdated operating system, which still has many fans all over the world. New technologies for iOS always arrive late. NFC on Android appeared back in 2010, for Blackberry – in 2011. And only in 2015 Apple I was honored to add NFC. Why is that bad? If Apple had brought technology earlier, then we would have already in 2012/13 fully enjoyed the benefits of contactless payment.

The situation with Apple is disappointing that the company, thanks to its marketing power, has a huge impact on the whole world. Neither Samsung nor Huawei nor even Google have such influence. Remember that NFC payment started to spread actively in the world only after Apple added it. Indirectly, the company poisoned the lives of supporters Android and many businesses around the world.

iOS lacks many of the useful features that Android does. If other manufacturers had access to iOS, the world would be a better place. New functions and technologies have appeared on the OS used.

In conclusion, we can say that Apple is China in the world of electronics. A totalitarian dictatorship that requires unquestioning obedience and squeezes out both money and self-esteem from its clients. But, like any dictatorship based on violence, the company will sooner or later fall. The company should be reformed and other manufacturers should be able to create their own products on iOS and macOS. This is the only correct way to save in the current situation of fading sales. He will help you become Apple a true service company.

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