Birches NEWS No. 19

Monobrow iPhone X and Google's designs, too smart camera and circus with Windows 10. Where is the digital world heading?

Birches NEWS No. 19

Google dismembered a bit HTC

Google has continued its triumphant series of brand-name purchases. This time Google's ambitions were satisfied by the company HTC, albeit not completely. Nearly all Taiwanese smartphone design divisions HTC were bought for $ 1.1 billion. Google had at least two thousand engineers and related specialists at its disposal, many of whom were involved in the development of the Google Pixel. There is a clear desire of Google to continue to follow the idea of ​​releasing smartphones and tablets under its own brand. For success in the modern world, it is no longer enough to produce only software, new trends (virtual reality and artificial intelligence) require that software and hardware manufacturers are closely integrated. In an interview with Bloomberg, Google SVP Hardware chief executive Rick Osterloh said: “Our intention is to invest in this for the long term. You will see continuous growth in investment from us. '

Birches NEWS No. 19

Rick and Cher are delighted with the completion of the deal

Considering that in the latest generation of Pixel smartphones, a third-party image coprocessor was used that is not part of the SoC Qualcomm, and then Google continued its course of equipping itself with a base for developing its own hardware solutions, the conclusion inevitably suggests itself: Google wants to become a smartphone manufacturer itself, capturing the entire chain production. From developing your own SoC to designing a consumer device and developing software. The ultimate goal of these efforts is also understandable – to press out on the market Apple, which has achieved outstanding results in the development of chipsets optimized for one specific operating system.

I wonder what will happen next with HTC? From the statement of the CEO HTC Cher Wang, it becomes clear that Google has not bought all the specialists and HTC will continue to release smartphones under its own brand: 'Today a new chapter in life begins HTC as we continue to drive innovation in our branded smartphones and Vive 'VR products.

It's helpful to remember past Google purchases as well. In 2012, Google bought the company Motorola for 12.5 billion US dollars … So that, having played enough, sell it Lenovo for 2.91 billion US dollars. So what has changed since then? “Context, time, this is a very different world than it was in the PC era,” replies Rick Osterloch. Let's see if Google succeeds in becoming the 'super boss' of the smartphone maker world this time around.

Funny, but according to Osterloch, was 2012 still the era of the PC? Do you think this is so?

Monobrow iPhone X is under threat!

From the first cases of design forgeries Apple iPhone by Chinese manufacturers with low social responsibility to the present day, the very appearance of this trend raises many questions. And the most important of them – why are they doing this? Some consider this to be a trite satisfaction of the base needs of buyers seeking cheap chic. Others seek the answer in the nooks and crannies of the Chinese mentality. The most original ideas refer us to the beliefs of the Stone Age, when primitive man, having eaten the heart of a cave lion (by stealing the design iPhone), believed that the strength and courage of the king of animals would be transferred to him.

This trend could not but bother the company Apple, we remember the loud lawsuits to Meizu (due to the successful model Meizu M8):

Birches NEWS No. 19

To Samsung and other manufacturers. With the release of iPhone X, a chill of doubt crept into my soul – but will they be able to … Will the Chinese craftsmen be able to forge a 'monobrow' iPhone X? And they did.

The first pathetic attempts by illegal manufacturers were limited to copying the interface iOS, the design of the side edges and the back plane. It already looked a little similar, but without the famous cutout on the screen, it was not the same:

Birches NEWS No. 19

Further attempts to implement 'monobrow' iPhone led to the decision to use a cutout screen protector. At first glance, it is already very similar, but in the oblique rays of light, the fake manifests itself:

Birches NEWS No. 19

There are variants with pixels artistically disabled as a cutout iPhone X:

Birches NEWS No. 19

And also very poor fakes, where the 'monobrow' is a piece of dark plastic inserted between the glass and the screen matrix. This is a typical 'hoop-up' from obscure manufacturers. But, as we know from past experience, even well-known and responsible manufacturers tend to copy designs iPhone. All that remained was to wait a little and observe who was the first to lose their nerves.

Birches NEWS No. 19

The first of the more or less decent companies at the end of last year could not stand Leagoo, presenting the S9 for discussion. To be fair, this model is not yet in the assortment of the corporate website. A world presentation is scheduled at MWC on February 26, 2018. On the pretentious promo, a real 'monobrow' is clearly visible, and we will find out the exact technical characteristics of the smartphone after the presentation:

Second, Noa surrendered, presenting the N10 to the public:

And if everything is not clear with the Leagoo S9, then some N10 specifications are already known:

  • Body materials: ceramics, glass
  • Screen: 6.2 “, resolution 2160×1080 pixels
  • Platform: MediaTek Helio P23
  • Cameras: two Sony IMX499 modules
  • Battery: 3600mAh
  • Memory: 64 GB ROM and 4 GB RAM
  • Price: from 300 euros (375 USD)

Surprisingly, someone buys copies iPhone, since they have been produced for so many years. Do you have an explanation for this phenomenon? What words would you like to say to a person contemplating such a purchase?

Google Clips camera will be banned in Russia?

Last October Google introduced a new wearable camera called Clips. This little device has gone through deep machine learning to turn on and record itself when something interesting happens in the frame.

Birches NEWS No. 19

Four months after the announcement, Google announced the start of sales. So what is this thing? Google Clips is a small camera with a clip-on body that gives it its name. Here are its main characteristics:

  • To control the camera, you need a smartphone on Android OS version 7 or later, iOS 10 or later
  • Transfer footage from internal 16GB storage via Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth or USB-C
  • The camera takes photos and videos in MP4, GIF and JPEG formats, there is no sound recording
  • Focus fixed, automatic day / night switch
  • Battery lasts for 3 hours of smart capture

Birches NEWS No. 19Birches NEWS No. 19

All the fun of this camera lies in the last sentence. The camera is smart, it recognizes people by their faces and turns on when they smile. Over time, she learns herself and produces all the best shots. You can speed up this process by aiming the camera at loved ones and photographing them manually. It turns out something like raising a puppy, when the owner pokes his muzzle in a saucer of milk. The target audience for this product is moms and dads who want to capture the best childhood moments of their offspring. The camera is only sold in the US (for now) for $ 249. And even for the Americans, judging by the reviews, there are supply problems. It is not known whether Google Clips will be officially delivered to Russia. And it is not known how the law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation will react to the appearance of such a camera.

Does Google Clips fit the description of 'hidden camera' or 'spy equipment'? What do you think?

Microsoft splits Windows 10, why would that be?

We all remember the official statements Microsoft that Windows 10 will be the latest operating system of the company and all subsequent changes in its concept will be updates. Apparently, now the company is bitterly regretting this statement. Microsoft has always made good money when users switch to a new OS version, and the main incentives for such a transition were three factors:

  • All new computers are equipped with new versions Windows, and often they are incompatible with old OS at the hardware level.
  • Suspension of servicing of old operating systems by the Microsoft, which inevitably leads to the threat of virus infection or hacking.
  • Lack of compatibility between new software products and old OS.

With the help of these simple manipulations Microsoft, I easily knocked out the last dollars from Windows – users. Before. With the release Windows 10, something strange happened, the company abandoned its usual scheme of making money. How can a merchant recover lost profits? Let's look at this problem together.


Windows 10 S

Insider information from the bowels Microsoft is described in the publication of a respected publication ZDnet. There you can also find the statement that Windows 10 S is actually not a separate operating system, but simply the mode of operation Windows 10 Pro. This is indirectly indicated by the fact that the actual difference between S and Pro is only in the absence of support for third-party applications 'Universal Windows Platform' in the S version. This explains the declared ease of transition in new devices from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro, as well as the transition to the Pro version, and not any other. At this point in time, switching the software breaker is free for end users and OEMs. But already from March Microsoft plans to charge a fee for switching to S mode and back in the amount of $ 49.

Windows 10 Home S-Mode

The expected launch of the distribution kit will take place on April 1, and in the future, the new version will completely replace Windows 10 S. In the most unfavorable development of events, users of devices on Windows 10 S will receive a large-scale update that will close the window of opportunity to switch for free for version Windows 10 Pro now.

Windows 10 Home Advanced

The estimated launch will take place on May 1st. The operating system will provide all the functionality that Windows 10 Home currently has. And, most likely, it will replace the 'old' Windows 10 Home. But it may also happen that Windows 10 Home will lose some of its capabilities, and the user will be given a short period of time for a free transition to Advanced.

Birches NEWS No. 19

A task:

Answer the question why Microsoft splits Windows 10 even more.


Under the conditions 'Windows 10 forever' Microsoft can only get additional profit from new OS installations on new OEM devices. At least until he decides to take money for updating the OS. How is this market limited? Among other things, it is limited by the number of platforms suitable for Windows 10 and their performance. Against this background, the release of the version Windows 10 Home S-mode looks quite logical, which is capable of working on very weak devices. This is caused by the disabling of all resource-intensive functions such as the embedded virtual machine (App-V and UE-V), third-party applications and games, group policy and all business solutions. News of the first attempts Microsoft to accustom their OS to ARM platforms also gives confidence in the Microsoft drive to take over emerging markets. In these markets, crooked and oblique, countless legions of weak and superweak NoNaMe devices have lined up. Will Uncle Liao pay Microsoft, or at first Microsoft will release him from deductions, we will find out soon.

Could it be that Windows 10 Home S — Mode is nothing more than the mysterious project Microsoft Polaris (Windows with a completely cut desktop)? What do you think?

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