Birches NEWS No. 43. The most popular chipset?

Invasion of MT6750 and increased competition among chipset manufacturers in the middle segment.

Birches NEWS No. 43.  The most popular chipset?

Recently, we discussed and recorded the total superiority of Qualcomm chipsets in the middle segment. It was found that the advantage is expressed in all areas, from performance to quality of communication. But, somehow imperceptibly, gradually, the smartphone market was occupied by a mid-budget chipset MediaTek, namely the MT6750 model.


To be convinced of this, just look at the numbers:

Birches NEWS No. 43.  The most popular chipset?

The free market is arranged in such a way that sooner or later any product will be sold, all these smartphones will find their owners, which means that other manufacturers will have to move a little. Although we do not know the exact numbers in the sold pieces, the very presence on the shelves of the range of smartphones based on MT6750 and SDM625 chipsets in an amount that is half an order or even an order of magnitude greater than all others, including new items, speaks of a real invasion. We have already repeatedly made sure that potential buyers who read specialized forums are a minority, and the bulk of the population listens to the stories of salon consultants.

Birches NEWS No. 43.  The most popular chipset?

So, with a high degree of probability, the purchased smartphone will be built on the basis of one of these chipsets. The humor of the situation is also added by the fact that the chipsets are not new, both are obsolete, but they are reliable and proven solutions. Both chipsets can support the trendy elongated screen format with FHD + resolution, although they are on the verge of their capabilities and are equipped with modern communications.

Meanwhile, there is a clear pattern, the distribution of smartphone manufacturers in two camps. Let's compare:

Birches NEWS No. 43.  The most popular chipset?

According to the data, the mass chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 is chosen by smartphone manufacturers who are close to or aspiring to the position of the A-brand in the market, and the MT6750 is chosen by everyone else.

There is a myth that smartphones based on the chipset MediaTek are statistically less likely to be equipped with an NFC module than smartphones based on Qualcomm. But dry numbers show that this is not the case, that everything depends on the manufacturer of the smartphone, and more precisely, on the prevalence of payment terminals with NFC support in the territory of its main contingent of buyers. When developing a new platform for the end device, the manufacturer for the Chinese market will never think about the presence of NFC. The converse statement is also true, if a brand wants to be sold in Europe, then you cannot do without an NFC module. Over the past two years, only two versions of Nokia 3.1 with NFC support and LG (and based on MT6750), three Balckberry models and one ZTE (based on SDM625) have been released.

Birches NEWS No. 43.  The most popular chipset?

The presence of an NFC module in such a smartphone is accompanied by a significant increase in price, which may be due to several reasons. For example, an attempt to build an 'almost flagship' based on a mid-budget chipset, as in the case of LG Q7 +, or the release of an initially small batch of a model, the production of which could not save money (Blackberry). In any case, the price range is simply staggering, which once again proves that the performance of budget chipsets is no longer a decisive factor in pricing, it is enough in abundance.

How long will the SDM625 and MT6750 live?

Birches NEWS No. 43.  The most popular chipset?

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It is quite difficult to draw any conclusions or make predictions, especially since the chipsets were released a little earlier than the appearance of Android 6, and the latest smartphones with them on board work on versions Android 8 and 8.1 . Perhaps their departure from the scene will be caused by the launch of 5G – networks in which they do not fully support. If so, then this will not happen until the end of 2019, or even later.


Those who like to play complex games will hardly be interested in these chipsets. But if the task is not worth playing, then the difference between them is minimal. Both chipsets are equipped with LTE modems, the theoretical capabilities of which exceed the real network speeds, support 20+ MP photo modules, are equipped with additional voltage control modules and much more.

At the same time, it can be noted that almost all manufacturers have chosen a specific favorite chipset for themselves, and flagship and very low-cost devices do not play a big role, making up only a small part of the smartphone nomenclature.

Birches NEWS No. 43.  The most popular chipset?

Now how will they go and make us smartphones

There is another interesting point, inexpensive Chinese smartphones often use cheap screen sensors that respond to touch orders of magnitude slower than competitors. Something suggests that this is what caused jerks and microlags when working with the interface, and not at all a lack of chipset performance or 'crooked' software. Unfortunately, in no store these product characteristics are indicated and only a personal acquaintance with the device or reading reviews / reviews can help.

Tell us your opinion, is the presence of a Qualcomm-made chipset in a smartphone a decisive factor in your choice? Or does he no longer play any role?

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