Birches NEWS No. 49. 2019 Trends

Mobile market development strategy based on sociological research MediaTek and the average portrait of a smartphone owner in 2019.

Birches NEWS No. 49.  2019 Trends

When you are more beautiful than the sunset …

It's no secret that demand creates supply, and not the other way around. If you know the demand, you can make and sell a product. This rule is followed by absolutely all manufacturers and periodically conduct polls of various scales among potential customers, from which one can glean information about the direction in which the company will move. And also about the intellectual and moral state of the people among whom the survey was conducted (in this material it is the United States). We are, of course, not talking about absolutely every person, we are all unique in our own way, but such studies show the basic 'wishes' of the overwhelming majority. So what does a person want?


  1. Software Optimization (AI)
  2. Improved photography process
  3. What's the most important thing about a smartphone?
  4. Fall of 'Premium' in the middle segment
  5. conclusions

Software Optimization (AI)

Along with all other hardware manufacturers, the company MediaTek began to use the abbreviation 'AI' to describe software optimization as well as advanced camera features. It would seem that this was already known, but these conclusions were made on the basis of surveys, which means that you can find out that … Of all the photographs that US respondents take with their smartphones' cameras, 42% are in portrait mode.

Birches NEWS No. 49.  2019 Trends

In the AI ​​section, the company MediaTek also introduced the AR function – the imposition of extraneous 3D objects on the photo, also called augmented reality. In the 18-44 age group, this function is regularly used by 30% of respondents, in the 45-54 group this indicator is 13%, and in the 55 plus age group – less than 6%.

Birches NEWS No. 49.  2019 Trends

Another significant AI function in photography, according to research MediaTek, is to improve appearance. For example, retouching foci of inflammation on the face and giving the hair color a brighter shade. In the USA, in the age group 25-44 years, 34.5% of respondents constantly use the beautification function, while after a decrease in hormonal activity in the 45-year-old plus group, 15.5% of respondents use this function.

Improved photography process

Just like 10 years ago, the common user is not so much concerned with the quality of the final photo as with the simplicity with which this photo is taken. The ideal process looks like this: aiming the camera at an object, clicking, taking a snapshot. The time for a new photo to appear in the gallery should not last longer than the time it takes the user to click the button again.

Birches NEWS No. 49.  2019 Trends

The image of 2017 in 2018 no longer seems funny

The youngest age group, which is able to pay for its own desires, called the presence of dual cameras the most important function of photographing on a smartphone. We are talking about young people aged 18-24 who like to experiment with bokeh effects, wide shooting angles and other panoramas.

Birches NEWS No. 49.  2019 Trends

Unsuccessful panoramic shooting (photo by Pikabu)

As mentioned above, the most active users of smartphone cameras are young people. The same applies to the level of self-love, it was almost all concentrated in the 18-44 age group. This population group takes a selfie at least once every two days (14.5 days a month), while people (mostly men) aged 55+ take a selfie no more than once every ten days (2.9 days in month). Due to so many selfish people, the company MediaTek predicts a significant expansion of the range of smartphones with powerful selfie cameras in the mid-range price range.

What's the most important thing about a smartphone?

The respondents in the United States, as well as in Russia (judging by the MR comments), prioritize the time that a smartphone can work on a single battery charge. The company itself MediaTek does not produce batteries, therefore, they send curious visitors to the proprietary CorePilot technology, which overclocks and decelerates the chipset in time.

Birches NEWS No. 49.  2019 Trends

The second most important feature in a smartphone is shared by the functions 'GSM phone' and, conditionally, 'pocket personal computer, PDA'. Respondents aged 45 and over prefer live phone calls, while the younger generation (18-44 years old) calls this feature the least important in a smartphone. It's funny, but, like most Russians, Americans want to get rid of the extortionate tariffs of mobile operators for telephone communications, reduce all relations with them to the purchase of Internet access. Friends, what kind of voice communication do you use most often, provided by a cellular operator or a third-party messenger?

Birches NEWS No. 49.  2019 Trends

Why do we need regular calls, if not even too modern Facebook offers video calling?

In any case, a stable connection via LTE or Wi-Fi is one of the most important things at this point in time. Among the functions of a 'PDA' in a smartphone, the most popular, according to the survey, is checking e-mail. At least 26 days of each month, mailbox checks are performed by the US population of all ages, which suggests that this feature should not be used on weekends. And, perhaps, about the corporate nature of most of the letters that Americans receive.

Fall of 'Premium' in the middle segment

The company MediaTek claims in its public that 'Premium' is no longer synonymous with 'elitism' or 'rich'. The current 'Premium' means support for all modern functions – dual and triple cameras, so-called AI, augmented reality, etc.

Birches NEWS No. 49.  2019 Trends

Augmented reality fantasy as an art form

According to the company, modern chipsets of the MediaTek Helio series can realize all the above functions, and their affordability drops the previously expensive 'Premium' into the middle price segment. Comments on this matter are welcome.


Despite the frankly advertising last section, we can draw some conclusions based on quite reliable figures from a sociological study. So, the most massive modern smartphone owner in the United States, according to the company MediaTek:

  • Likes taking pictures of himself and his friends non-stop
  • Considers 2+ cameras on each side of the smartphone to be a great idea, including wide-angle
  • He wants to get rid of the voice communication service imposed by the operator and pay only for the Internet
  • Dreams of several days of smartphone operation without recharging
  • Regularly treats her face with electronic cosmetics in selfie photos

Birches NEWS No. 49.  2019 Trends

I am not going to judge how these trends correspond to the aspirations of the population of Eurasia, where we live. But with a high degree of probability it can be argued that smartphones in 2019 of the middle and senior price segments will be equipped with:

  • Lots of cameras with fast autofocus
  • Fast LTE and Wi-Fi modems
  • A lot of promises of long battery life on the box and in advertisements (in fact, hardly anything will change)
  • A large set of 'electronic cosmetics' (in all price segments)

It's sad that among the new trends there is no concept of 'original design' or the quality of case materials. There are also no FHD + screens in the ultra-budget price segment. Dear readers, express your opinion, do you agree with the conclusions. Maybe you have your own dissenting opinion? What do you think is the most important smartphone function?

Based on materials MediaTek

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