Birches NEWS No. 52. Current programs

We share our collections of applications.

Birches NEWS No. 52.  Current programs

As of the end of 2018, the Google Play app store has over a million apps and games for all occasions. The situation is such that the life of one person is not enough to test, even superficially, each of them. The situation is aggravated by the fact that an unknown number of applications have been removed from the store, due to their inconsistency with Google's policies. In other words, they offered for free what Google wanted to get paid for. One of the most striking examples is YouTube without ads and with the ability to download your favorite video. And 30% of each sale that Google and Apple want, not everyone is happy with. In such a paradigm of being, there is absolutely no point in keeping the heading 'review Android – applications', because while writing the material, another 100,500+ applications will be released, and better and more interesting than the reviewed one. This thought is troubling, since we want to use the best applications, but we are not able to check each among hundreds of similar ones. Browsing the Google Play app store, the user is increasingly confronted with the gopher syndrome, where the ideal and necessary application is the gopher:

– Do you see a gopher? ..

– No…

– And I do not see … But he is!

Birches NEWS No. 52.  Current programs

The Google Play store has a rating system that, according to the company's idea, is regulated by the users themselves. But practice shows that for the sake of cheap pleasure (otherwise it cannot be explained), some developers post beautiful pictures of an application or game invented by them and give themselves rating 'stars'. There are many such examples, especially in the 'games' section, when there is complete nonsense behind the poster of the game with cinematic graphics. Over time, the rating of such applications drops to the lowest possible, but the user does not have time. So what should you do? The only proven way is to exchange information on forums and specialized sites. Each of us, at the very least, selects applications and stops at one thing. Based on these considerations, it was decided to share my selection of applications, in the hope that you, dear readers, will join the movement and share the best, in your opinion, applets.


  1. Phone, SMS, weather, task scheduler, camera, mail
  2. news
  3. Browser
  4. Multimedia
  5. Bank
  6. Navigation
  7. Conclusion

Phone, SMS, weather, task scheduler, camera, mail

Over the past year, my personal smartphone Sony Xperia Z1 Compact has changed the firmware several times, from Android 4.4 to 9.0, including modified original firmware and AOSP projects. In the latter case, you had to look for an alternative to Google and Sony applications. As a result of all the ordeals, all the tasks specified in the subtitle are now being performed by the original applications of the original firmware Android 5.1, I could not find a better one.


A survey conducted among acquaintances showed that almost every smartphone user has two news apps. One is responsible for general news, and the second provides detailed information on any narrow-profile issue. In the case of my acquaintances, these were blogs and resources dedicated to cooking or gardening, medicine or tourism. In my case, the RIA NOVOSTI application is responsible for the 'general data', and for the soul – the Military Review.

Birches NEWS No. 52.  Current programs

Both applications are executed according to the same scheme, which suggests the idea of ​​using the constructor of news applications and templates for it. However, they do their job well.


Google Chrome is a good browser, but it is disabled on my smartphone. And the default browser has been working for half a year now, Kiwi Browser – Fast & Quiet.

Birches NEWS No. 52.  Current programs

In addition to really fast work, Kiwi is equipped with protection against cryptocurrency mining on the device (infection by a miner virus) and opens Facebook Web Messenger on the page without any problems (not all browsers can do this). Separately, it is worth noting the ability to manually set the contrast and night mode, in which you can select a black and white image. These features make web surfing more enjoyable, especially for owners of non-configured AMOLED and TN screens. Otherwise, this is typical Chromium.



Standard Sony applications are responsible for playing videos and music offline, there is no point in putting something instead of a product of a famous brand (and the parent of many standards in this area). But when it comes to online mode, about content received over the network, then standard applications are flawed compared to some third-party ones. The popular YouTube app is good for everyone, but it can only play videos and music from the YouTube site. Therefore, it was turned off, and in its place was installed a multimedia miracle stove called Videoder.

Birches NEWS No. 52.  Current programs

Why is the application good? Built to support the full functionality of YouTube (subscriptions and sections), it includes additional features. Among them – the ability to view and download content to a smartphone from 27 of the most popular resources, including Facebook, Vimeo, etc., and if this is not enough, then no one forbids adding new sites to the list. How can this come in handy? In just six months, summer will begin and many will leave the stuffy cities for the birch groves, where there is no Internet and never has been. This is a great place to learn a new language or gain theoretical knowledge in any field from the downloaded videos. The Videoder application opens web versions of the most popular sites and allows not only chatting, but also downloading material. It looks like this:

Birches NEWS No. 52.  Current programs Player

But sometimes you just want to listen to internet radio or find and download a specific song. There are various applications that combine these functions, but in the process of natural selection, the Player application turned out to be the most stable and lightweight (only 15 MB).

Birches NEWS No. 52.  Current programs

Immediately impressed by the speed of the application, a very simple interface, an extensive collection of music and the bitrate displayed opposite the query results.

Light HD TV

A regular online TV that broadcasts the same as a regular TV plus regional channels, including Crimea.

Birches NEWS No. 52.  Current programs

I like the reliability and speed of the Light HD TV application.


Each has its own bank, with its own proprietary smartphone application. And of course a cooler application is not the reason for transferring assets from one bank to another. It is simply irresponsible to advise third-party applications.

One of the oldest navigation tools is the Navitel app. The application is cross-platform, at one time it worked on Symbian smartphones, Windows – PDAs and specialized navigators. Nowadays the system continues to evolve, the latest version for Android has the index 9.10.1936.

Birches NEWS No. 52.  Current programs

The interface of the program has not changed at all over the years. If you used the Navitel app 10 years ago, you will easily recognize it today. The application itself occupies 245 MB on disk, and maps (Q3) of the whole of Russia – 1.7 GB. I like the speed and stability of the application. Almost all users complain about outdated maps and inaccurate information about organizations, but nostalgia and greed do not allow removing the old man and putting something more relevant.


Birches NEWS No. 52.  Current programs

Friends, share your selection of free-form apps. After all, we all strive for the best and always want to try something new. And this is possible only when communicating with the widest possible circle of people. At least until Google Play tidies up its store and throws out software junk from there.

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