Birches NEWS No. 70. The most popular smartphone

Smartphone or PC, Samsung or Apple, Android or iOS, Google Chrome or Yandex Browser, we are looking for the most popular solution.

Birches NEWS No. 70.  The most popular smartphone

Each time the same thing, the task is posed, but how to solve it is completely incomprehensible. Indeed, what does 'more popular' mean and how to define it? Voting by the wallet, which is expressed in sales statistics, alas, proves nothing, except for the fact of the money spent and the profit received by the seller. The only correct algorithm for solving the 'popularity' equation, it seems to me, is to compare the number of devices connected to the network. Indeed, you can say anything in the comments under the article, for example, 'I have three iPhones and four Samsungs', but a person is not able to use all devices at the same time (even if they really exist). He uses one or two devices that register on the network and tell the provider about the type of device, the browser and OS used, the brand name and much more. Obviously, these devices are 'best' for this particular person, since they are chosen for everyday use. The recipe is simple and effective, allowing you to determine the most popular brand from the point of view of all of humanity. And at the end, for fun, let's see what is most popular in the Russian Federation, the USA and Somalia.

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  4. Most popular browser
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  6. Most popular brand
  7. What's popular in the Russian Federation, the USA and Somalia
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All statistics, according to its supplier, are collected daily and recorded when devices are registered on the Internet (duplicate IMEIs are not taken into account). The sample size is more than ten billion measurements per month, and the hunting net is represented by two million sites. Traps are scattered all over the planet, in all countries, cities and towns, wherever there is internet.

PCs versus smartphones and tablets

In the comments, one can often find the expression 'who needs these coffins (PCs)?', There was nothing to object to this, although there was a smoldering confidence in the soul that there was parity between stationary and mobile devices. Statistics prove this:

Birches NEWS No. 70.  The most popular smartphone

Here and below, the source of statistics is

Particularly indicative is the period of December 2018, when the number of access to the network using PC machines even interrupted the consistently high result of mobile phones. Why did this happen in December? Perhaps because it is Christmas holidays outside, freezing temperatures outside, a lot of weekends ahead and there is no need to rush anywhere.

Birches NEWS No. 70.  The most popular smartphone

Of course, this only applies to the inhabitants of the Northern Hemisphere, the number of whom was enough to 'deflect' the global curve.

The number of tablet owners is thinning from month to month, and at this rate their number will soon be reduced to the size of a statistical error.

Still, there are the most mobile Internet surfers, which means that it can be considered proven that the most popular communication device is a smartphone.

Without even looking at the chart, it is safe to say that it is Android. And it's not even the advantages of the OS, not at all, everything is decided by the price. Residents of countries in the Lux category and the poorest segments of the population in Africa, all use Android – smartphones, because they are more affordable in all price categories. The only question is the exact figure:

Birches NEWS No. 70.  The most popular smartphone

The expected result, but no less interesting figures are shown by outsiders.

Birches NEWS No. 70.  The most popular smartphone

Beautiful but unnecessary semi-smartphone Nokia 8110 Banana with Ka iOS on board made a leap towards popularity and earned as much as 1.13% in January 2019. This cannot be explained by anything else but a radical reduction in the retail price, and it did happen. The initial price for July 2018 was about 9,000 rubles, and at the moment the 4G version is on the shelves of Euroset for 3,990 rubles. The same processes took place all over the world. But before you run to the store for 'cheaper', it is worth studying the statistics a little more, and the picture there is bleak, the love for a bright yellow banana is gradually falling.

Birches NEWS No. 70.  The most popular smartphone

Summer-autumn 2018 is notable for one moment, a kind of NOS (unidentified operating system) bloom, which peaked at 3% of the total number of operating mobile operating systems. No less frightening is the sudden disappearance of the nose in October 2018. What it is? However, you shouldn't be surprised when you look at the XDA-Developers bins. This is the place, friends, where, under the guidance of cold-blooded Finns, brave Chinese and dreamy Indians 'code', putting the new, just released version Android onto old devices. October was indeed marked by the final victory of a man over Android 9.0 Pie, and custom builds based on this OS poured like a cornucopia. The disappearance from the NOS radars and the victory over 9.0 coincide in time and seem to be the only explanation for what happened, the programmers have completed the firmware of smartphones and taught them to display correctly on the network. Do not agree? Speak up, I will be glad to be mistaken.

As with Android, the answer is known in advance:

Birches NEWS No. 70.  The most popular smartphone

And if everything is clear with Google Chrome, then the inevitable happens with Firefox, which was quite successful many years ago. Mozilla has practically stopped updating the browser, and according to leaked documents, it is going to kill it completely. To replace Firefox, a new browser Fenix ​​(symbolic name) is planned, about which nothing is really known at all. By the way, the notorious Ka iOS is a branch of Firefox OS from Mozilla, which means that the company has specialists and the new browser Fenix, in theory, can change something on the global market.

Birches NEWS No. 70.  The most popular smartphone

It will be interesting to see him.

An APPLE representative, for obvious reasons, cannot compete in this category, let's look at the rest:

Birches NEWS No. 70.  The most popular smartphone

The main source and instrument of income for Google is the Google search engine, its position can be called dominant. The company could put pressure on competitors with impunity, buy them up at the root and then destroy them, if they had not fought with it. And on this occasion, the news from the EU is very encouraging, where Google has once again tried to demonopolize. The essence of the claims is utterly clear, after the first launch of the smartphone, the user is not offered to select the default applications, search engine and services, if they do not belong to Google. De facto, Google applications have become standard phone settings, and not additional software. For lack of choice last year, Google paid the EU a € 4.3 billion fine. At the end of last month, with the latest update to the Google Play store, EU residents got a long-awaited choice:

Birches NEWS No. 70.  The most popular smartphone

It remains only to congratulate the neighbors on their success and wait for more decisiveness from our antitrust authorities. And to dream that the first time you turn on your new smartphone you will be able to refuse any system applications displayed in the system section with the prefix ' ……'. And then delete them.

The diagram below clearly answers the question why articles and reviews under the Samsung brand are found more often than others on all self-respecting resources. You can't help writing about the world's most popular smartphone brand if you respect your readers.

Birches NEWS No. 70.  The most popular smartphone

Interestingly, it can be noted that Huawei is more popular globally Xiaomi, as well as the existence of a huge number of NoNaMe devices.

For clarity (in order to avoid mixing colors), each diagram contains two studied objects for each country, a kind of 'small two' of leaders. All data up to March 2019.

Birches NEWS No. 70.  The most popular smartphone

Oddly enough, different versions iOS are widely represented not only in the United States, but also in Russia. But in Somalia, everything looks radically green.

Birches NEWS No. 70.  The most popular smartphone

The weak popularity of the Opera browser in countries with a developed cellular infrastructure is understandable. Suffice it to recall the main feature of Opera – the famous 'turbo' mode, which greatly saves traffic. If this mode is not needed, then Opera is no better than stock Chrome.

Birches NEWS No. 70.  The most popular smartphone

Yandex just needs to push hard to become the # 1 search engine in Russia. It's a shame, but in the rest of the world, few people even know about the existence of the company.

Birches NEWS No. 70.  The most popular smartphone

The incredible became obvious, in our country every day there are more devices connected to the network Apple than Samsung. How to live with this idea further, the amateur will think Android. It's very simple, because the third number in our country (not shown in the diagram) is Xiaomi (14.58%), the fourth is Huawei (13.61%), and after them – a whole army of motley devices. Against this background, the share Apple of 25.88% speaks of the weakness of the American brand in our market.


From all of the above, several conclusions can be drawn:

– The most popular smartphone on the planet proudly wears the 'Samsung' nameplate.

– The first comer in Russia, most likely, carries a smartphone based on Android OS in his pocket, uses Google Chrome and does not know about the existence of the Tecno and Mobicel brands.

– The most popular companies in the world in terms of mobile technologies are Samsung and Google, and Xiaomi and Baidu are well known only in their regions.

– The world is full of people who live beyond their means, buy iPhone and put Google Chrome on it.

Friends, to what extent do the results obtained correspond to your ideas about the state of affairs? Is your smartphone popular enough?

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