Birches NEWS No. 77. Smartphone or life

How are our smartphones and the impending thermal apocalypse related? Can Instagram Cats Kill the Planet?

Birches NEWS No. 77.  Smartphone or life

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To understand this issue, it is absolutely necessary to look at the rate of development of electrical generation and the amount of electricity that is burned in our smartphones. Maybe at the end of the article, we will find out how long the silicon-carbon world will last before our smartphones start turning off, and for their further use, you will need to buy special coupons. In a cardboard box stand in the middle of the desert that our courtyards will become.

The topic of the heat crisis is so complex, scary and popular that it is almost impossible to find reliable information about the research conducted in open sources. In targeted articles, there is a pick between the ideologues of 'green' energy and their opponents, but they have something in common that is even more frightening than the complete desertification of the planet. Both sides do not understand that they are playing by the rules of the modern economy, which no one is going to change at their request. The excavator, extracting rare earth elements in a quarry to create efficient solar panels, stinks of burnt fuel oil, which was delivered from the neighboring mainland on a huge tanker, with no less weak emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere. For thermal and chemical processing of 'rare earth', the most classic types of fuels and reagents are used, in the production of which a sluggish poisoning of the environment also occurs. This is how the world works – you will not find natural wells with tear-clear sulfuric acid and mountains of crystalline cobalt, stalactites from Gorilla Glass and polycarbonate reed groves. Any processing of any resources to create 'green energy' is based on technologies of the 19th century and this problem is not being solved by anyone. The question is not even raised about it. And even if it had been installed, it would not have changed anything, because according to the laws of capitalism, the manufacturer of solar panels and electric bicycles that relies on the cheapest production will win. And the cheapest fuel for production is fuel oil and coal, the cheapest materials are steel and cast iron, the cheapest workers who do not care about anything are people without education, burdened with a family.

Birches NEWS No. 77.  Smartphone or life

An excavator (burning fuel oil) flattens the road in a coal mine so that mining trucks (burning fuel oil) can take the fuel out, load it onto a barge (burning fuel oil) and send it to a thermal power plant (burning coal) that supplies electricity to a faux fur factory for the fighting greens. ecologists could walk in winter in fur coats not made of natural fur (so as not to kill animals).

There is one more factor that is not accepted to be voiced – at the interstate level, only those laws that are beneficial to large corporations of these states work, and arguments about humanity are considered unconstructive. The more 'green equipment' is produced, the faster our world deteriorates, because it is also a 'commodity'. The industry of humanity is like a rapidly growing tumor devouring the green world, pulsing and exuding an ammonia odor. Whether this tumor can go from malignant to benign, we will know already in our lifetime, but for now, let's look at the numbers.

Birches NEWS No. 77.  Smartphone or life

From the UN report, we can glean a tendency that if the industry of mankind simply remains at the same level, it will not open new factories, power plants, cheburek houses, universities, libraries, street toilets, airfields, etc. etc., then the dynamics of the average annual temperature will be about 1 ° C every six years. Don't believe me? And let's remember, friends, that the planet Earth has an attraction and does not throw gas from the atmosphere into space. Of course, there are some unconscious hydrogen atoms, but we are not talking about them now. The global temperature rise by 1 ° C every six years is a lot, and this increase has already led to the first casualties. Take a look at this cute face:

Birches NEWS No. 77.  Smartphone or life


The picture shows a reef mosaic-tailed rat, which recently roasted on the beaches of Bramble Cay (before the flooding, the island was located here, between Australia and Papua New Guinea). The natural habitat of the animal was simply flooded with water, displaced by melted polar caps, and next in turn are mangrove forests and their inhabitant – a spectacled flying fox (Pteropus conspicillatus).

Birches NEWS No. 77.  Smartphone or life

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If there are no mangrove forests, then there is no home, and there is no home, so there is no life for new generations.

There is no doubt that as the situation worsens, we will see fewer and fewer truthful reports on 'global warming' in open sources. Any normal government will not allow panic among the population, and even if the population completely forgets about the fur coat in the closet, the government will remain silent. Already, there is a certain lack of statistical data, which leads to the need to use data that is not quite fresh.

Birches NEWS No. 77.  Smartphone or life

A typical server room is as hot as a tank in Africa, 110 ° F is 43.3 ° C, all the heat will go into the atmosphere. Hi Apple, Google, social media, e-commerce and cloud services

Из отчета шведского центра исследований (R&D) Huawei мистера Андерса (Anders S.G. Andrae) следует, что к 2025 году не менее 1/5 всей энергии, потребляемой человечеством, придется на дата-центры, смартфоны, интернет вещей и other consumer devices. Giants of the digital world, such as Google, delight us every decade with new services, such as introducing AI into the search bar of their browser, but they completely forget to tell how much hot air their servers are throwing out. And it would be okay, only heat, the so-called 'carbon footprint' of our smartphones is projected at 4.4% of the total, in the same year, 2025. It is clear from the report that at least the global electronics industry is not ready to 'slow down' and this is due to high consumer demand.

Birches NEWS No. 77.  Smartphone or life

Fighting, crushing and shooting in the USA on 'Black Friday'.
Ria news source

The crisis between China and the United States looks quite original from a bird's eye view, if we consider it from the point of view of ecology. As you know, the United States recognizes only its own laws and almost never – international ones, often confuses them in places, and smoothes misunderstandings with sanctions and volleys of Tomahawks. The highest value, after winning the elections, for any politician is the possibility of winning the next elections, and for this it is necessary that the voter lived a little longer. Reasoning this way, absolutely cynically, one can imagine another explanation for the attempt to destroy Huawei by the US industrial syndicate, another reason. And it will look like this:

“If a thermal apocalypse is coming and you cannot close your plant, then close someone else's.”

As practice shows, the usual observation of the events taking place, the process of poisoning the planet with toxic substances, which we all feared in the 20th century, are completely solved by man-made means. Nuclear power plants are the 'greenest' energy sources, modern industrial filters and fuel 'afterburning' systems emit only thermal energy into the atmosphere, and mass planting of trees absorbs small particles of heavy metals.

Birches NEWS No. 77.  Smartphone or life

The greenest metropolis in the world Moscow is a good example of caring for the environment, and the city of Shenzhen (pictured above) is an example of what would happen if you do nothing. So we thought before, until the eternal ice began to melt.

What will be next?

It is not hard to guess that with each new extinct animal, with each new centimeter of the world ocean level, we will observe how the states are fighting with their industry and each other's industry with increasing fury. Countries whose economies are directly dependent on the production or consumption of all types of fuel will be attacked at all levels. On the other hand, the situation will be influenced by the constantly growing demand for online services in our smartphones, the digital economy, self-driving cars, smart things – all this only brings the global crisis closer. Residents of non-industrialized countries using smartphones will shame the industrialized people who made these smartphones. And when exactly the thermal apocalypse will come, if the turnover of industry and consumption does not change, no one will tell us, or they will tell us too much too much and the truth will be lost in the flow of false information. This is inevitable when the media is in the hands of a limited group of stakeholders. Interested to be the first to take seats in the lifeboat, no matter how it looks. But if you still want at least some specifics, then you should rely on the annual rise in sea level in the amount of 3.5 mm, at the moment it is.

Birches NEWS No. 77.  Smartphone or life

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Friends, are you experiencing 'global warming'? Do you agree that it would be nice to slow down a little with Instagram and social networks until you get an objective picture of the world?

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