Blackberry Priv – official photos

It's been a long time since I had such pleasure looking at official photos of a smartphone. It reminded me of the old days, when Nokia did not hesitate to use real people in advertising, while the rest showed some pictures of electronic devices and other nonsense – well, remember, for example, ads for Nokia N91 and Nokia N93. Masterpieces! They don't do that now, although Blackberry is trying to speak with the audience in a different language. As they say, here in official photographs both old and young, people of different professions, a ballerina and a doctor, grandfather holds the baby by the hand – and Priv also fits in the same hand. Brian Adams was involved in cooperation, there are other famous people on the special Portraits of Privacy page – as you understand, here in Blackberry they emphasize one of the features of the device, this is security (security of communication, data transmission, and so on).


All photos can be viewed on the official website. What else to say – well done in Blackberry, since they dared to move away from the canon now, many mindlessly copy Apple, trying to add emasculated pictures, albeit beautiful, but without a soul. At the same time, in the same Apple in television advertising, such pictures are not used, on the contrary, there are many people using a smartphone for some life tasks.

What do you think of the official photos of the Blackberry Priv? Did you like these pictures or not? Do emotions and desire to get to know the device better?

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