Delivery set: minimum or maximum?

Many of us believe that any new smartphone should be sold in the minimum configuration: device, charger and cable. This point of view has a number of strong arguments, each of which is obvious, and, frankly, it is difficult to argue with them. At the same time, there is the opposite point of view: a smartphone should be equipped with a maximum set of all sorts of things, and it is in favor of this theory that I want to speculate now. But I'll start, of course, with the obvious advantages of the first position – smartphones need to be sold in the minimum configuration.

The main message of this point of view is the final cost of the device. It is logical that if headphones, a beautiful cable, beautiful printed materials and something else were put in the box along with the smartphone, its price increased. At the same time, an experienced user thinks like this: 'Why do I need headphones in the kit if I still won't use them, because I have my own, is it better?' It's the same with the case: for example, the manufacturer puts a silicone case on the device, but the person simply doesn't like it, and he still buys another one. The ideal option in this case is a smartphone, charger and charging cable.

At the same time, the apologists of this point of view, as is often the case, do not even think that there may be other scenarios in the world and this also applies to smartphones. And the truth is, the richer your smartphone comes with, the better.

Yes, when buying a device, we want to pay the minimum and get the maximum. However, if you look at this whole situation more broadly, it turns out that many people buy a smartphone, firstly, for a long time, and secondly, to get it out of the box, turn it on and start using it. And this is where the delivery kit is important. A person who bought himself a new phone with a simple but still normal case, a simple but still working headset and something else, will be much happier and more satisfied than a person who did not receive these accessories and paid plus or minus the same money . Yes, good accessories in the kit can significantly increase the cost of a smartphone, but the days when Beats headphones or something were put along with devices are long gone. Today all you can expect is a silicone case and a basic headset, which I think is not bad. All other things being equal, even if a person does not need either a cover or a headset, they will be 'in reserve' in case personal accessories are broken or lost, you can always take the complete ones and use them for a while.

And finally, the question of price. It's no secret that budget smartphones are so cheap not from the good life of manufacturers. In the segment of inexpensive devices, there is a struggle for every extra dollar in the cost price, even for tens of cents, and profit is achieved due to large sales volumes. Yes, the cost of covers and even a typical complete headset for a smartphone just fluctuates around the dollar or so mark, but when every ten cents counts, an extra one and a half or two 'bucks' is significant. It is important that all this refers to the cheapest models, but if we are talking about smartphones that cost, conditionally, from 20,000 rubles and above, then this explanation no longer works there, and for what reasons these devices are now sold as one with a minimum set , I do not know. The simplest cover and headset will not make such a smartphone in the weather, but they may well please some users. So far, only sellers from aliexpress, jd and stores like gearbest are delighting such users, throwing a cover, film, glass and so on, to their liking, in the package along with the device.

By the way, almost the only example of the simplest package, which still captivates, is OnePlus smartphones. It would seem that there is nothing but a charging block and a cable, but the quality of the charging block, the quality of the cable (it is flat and made in the corporate red and white colors) is very pleasing.

In conclusion, I want to repeat the main idea: the maximum or simply not the basic set of delivery is good, and it is a pity that today almost all manufacturers refuse it. An experienced user can simply throw or hide unnecessary accessories out of the box, but for the vast majority they will be useful, if not immediately, then perhaps after some time, as spare, for replacement, and so on.

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