Desktops or Application Menus?

Hello dear readers. Today I propose to discuss the convenience of placing applications on the desktop.

Desktops or Application Menus?Desktops or Application Menus?

Just the other day I tested one of the smartphones Asus and saw an excellent setting in ZenUI. You could choose between two different options for placing all applications: in the first case, a separate application menu is used for this, and in the second, all icons are placed immediately on the desktops, as on iOS. The choice is great (especially considering that ZenUI can organize programs into folders by itself, plus there is the ability to customize the size of the grid of icons), but today I would like to discuss with you which of the two options is more comfortable?


For myself, I decided that it is equally convenient for me to use both modes. All the same, most of the necessary programs are located on one or two desktops, and the rest either lie in the application menu or on the following tables. What option is more convenient for you, dear readers?

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