Everything you need to know about the new Xbox Series X

A new console from Microsoft will be on the market soon. Key facts about the next generation of the most powerful game console.

1. Sound name. Microsoft has been teasing the next generation of Xbox for quite some time, referred to as Project Scarlett. At The Game Awards 2019, the company finally revealed its cards by showing a promo video with the new console and voicing the name of the Xbox Series X. On the network, the console is called the Xbox SeX. What I'm most curious about is if it happened by accident or if it was a clever plan from marketers Microsoft, because for the first time in its history, the Xbox gained a resounding name. Agree that the name Sony PlayStation pleases the ear. While the X-box is something that smells bad from a dark corner, such a normal person would never buy. Xbox SeX, on the other hand, sounds amazing and is certainly much more attractive than the PS5 shorthand.

2. Unreal power. Microsoft traditionally says the new console will be “the fastest, most powerful, and set new benchmarks for performance, speed and compatibility, allowing games of all previous generations to be played.” Technically speaking, the Xbox SeX will be the manifesto for 4K gaming at 60fps and the ability to increase frame rates up to 120fps in the future, including support for Variable Refresh Rate and 8K resolution. By the way, I noticed that on some resources they wrote that the console will produce 120 fps in 8K. This is, apparently, a wrong interpretation or wet dreams of journalists.

What is Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)? In simple terms, the Xbox SeX has an analogue of Nvidia's G-Sync. Although since the processor is in the console from AMD, it would be more correct to say an analogue of FreeSync. However Microsoft are said to have developed and patented their own version of VRR. The idea behind VRR is that if both the display and the gadget support the technology, then their frame rate is synchronized. For example, if the console outputs 50 fps, then the monitor will adjust and operate at 50 Hz. The technology is useful because in the absence of synchronization, micro-tears in the image can occur (for example, one part will overlap). Many modern TVs support VRR.

Back to the specs of the Xbox SeX. The processor in the box is a custom version of Zen 2 from AMD, respectively, and Navi graphics, but with some kind of new Radeon RDNA architecture. Also Microsoft without specifics, they say that the console will have a new generation of SSD drives (apparently, NVMe SSD), which will actually destroy the boot screens. Everything will be instant.

From the curious. Microsoft promises that the Xbox SeX will have ray tracing technology. Interesting, since AMD is still silent about its achievements in this area.

If we compare the performance with the Xbox One X, then it has doubled, that is, if the One X produces 6 teraflops, then the Xbox SeX, it turns out, 12 teraflops. It sounds solid, but according to rumors, the figure of 12 teraflops appeared in the description of the new PS 5.

Along the way Microsoft says that Xbox SeX is made with an eye on the clouds and has some unique features. Apparently, we are talking about the fact that the console has improved streaming mechanisms to other devices, as well as improved cloud gaming from servers Microsoft.

3. Appearance. When I look at the appearance of XboX SeX, the feeling (and not only me) does not leave me that this is a gaming computer. The set-top box looks like a black system unit with a ventilation grill and green backlighting at the top.

Everything you need to know about the new Xbox Series X

The console can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. In general, there is no difference, what is so terrible, what is it. The only cute element is the green lighting. In any case, you have to watch it live. Maybe these are pictures and rendering so bad, but there will be fire live.

Everything you need to know about the new Xbox Series X

4. New gamepad. Recently, our freelance writer Kirill Sergeev wrote the word 'gamepad' in his article on why he decided to buy an Xbox. And immediately in the comments he was told that everyone says 'joystick' and there is no need to show off here. First, things should be called by their proper names. Joystick – even from the name it is clear – a stick that brings joy. It looks like this:

Everything you need to know about the new Xbox Series X

Secondly, try to call the gamepad a joystick, and in the comments even more smart people will overlay you with joysticks from head to toe.

So, the new console has a new controller that Microsoft calls the Xbox Wireless Controller. They say that the size and shape have been refined, making the controller comfortable to hold for even more people. I have a counter question: who was inconvenient to keep the previous version?

Also on the gamepad, an additional 'Share' button has appeared, with which you can quickly take a screenshot or even record a video clip and send it to social networks or friends.

Everything you need to know about the new Xbox Series X

The controller can be used with Xbox One and Windows PC.

5. About games. To show the capabilities of the new console Microsoft, the trailer for Senua's Saga: Hellblade II was shown. It looks, of course, stunning, but it couldn't be otherwise, right?

Interestingly, nothing was said about support for virtual reality. Recently, however, it was reported in the news that Microsoft on the subject of VR has registered a new patent for a VR helmet. So maybe they will present something in the future.

6. When will it go on sale? The console will go on sale late next year. Probably, the date of the start of sales will coincide with the PS5. The price is likely to be slightly higher than the current generation. According to rumors, there will be three versions of the console.


Still, whatever one may say, but Microsoft presented just a powerful gaming PC without Windows. Considering Game Pass and Project xCloud, there is little reason to buy an Xbox as it won't have exclusives. If you have a powerful gaming PC, you can buy a new joystick from Microsoft and play all games from it by sending the image to your TV.

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