Five annoying little things about popular apps

Have you ever had a situation where you use or use any application, you really like everything, except for some insanely annoying little thing? And here you sit and think: 'dear developer, what are you doing ?!' I think about it from time to time and decided to share five of the most annoying little things in Android and apps.

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For a long time, on the popular social network, I was annoyed by obsessive offers to switch to a separate Facebook Messenger. I found it much more convenient to use inline messages in Facebook rather than Messenger. Now, of course, I have already given up and installed it, but such a forced transition is not at all happy.

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All our corporate correspondence goes through WhatsApp, sometimes some important things are discussed there that cannot be formulated in a nutshell, and I had no desire to write large texts from a smartphone. The problem was partially solved with the advent of WhatsApp Web, but I still don't understand what prevents the company from making full-fledged applications for Windows and OS X.

Five annoying little things about popular apps

Another annoying factor in WhatsApp is the lack of a 'Mark message as read' button. I am a perfectionist in terms of notifications, so the messenger icon with 1 annoys me wildly. It's a pity that the developers have not been able to add this function for several years now.

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From time to time I receive spam messages in Gmail that have passed the Google filter. But in order to mark them as spam, I first need to select the letter, then click on additional options, and only then can I report spam. Google could give users a choice of which functions should be in quick access, and which – by an additional click.

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There are only two functions that make using the browser very comfortable for me. The first one is auto-fitting of text when zooming, I remember this option first appeared on the built-in HTC Sense browser. The second is a separate reading mode. If the browser does not know how to fit the text to the width of the screen when zoomed in, then you need to at least be able to turn on a separate reading mode, where you yourself choose the font size, but in Chrome (not beta) this is not.

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Google maps

A decent amount of time has passed, but no offline maps for Moscow have appeared yet. What is the reason for this is unclear. No, of course I can use Yandex.Maps without any problems, but still it is completely unclear what prevents Google from adding this option for our city to its maps.

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What do you say, dear readers? What annoying little things are there in your favorite applications or manufacturer's operating system / shell?

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