Friday column No. 133. Observer Syndrome

The other day I read in Facebook one editor's thoughts about 'reviewer syndrome'. In short, its essence lies in the fact that after some time after testing a large number of devices, the author has a bar below which he cannot comfortably use anything and, accordingly, evaluate objectively. At the same time, as you know, we have the opportunity to take good flagship devices to the test, so this imaginary bar becomes quite high.

As a result, from the test of state employees and middle peasants, such an author begins to turn his nose up, they say, how is it that this is not a royal business – to test such devices. I have heard, and, to be sure, seen examples of such behavior and would like to share my opinion on the 'reviewer syndrome'.

I myself have been testing smartphones for over three years. On the one hand, the term is decent, but on the other, many friends can boast of much more impressive figures. In any case, even over these three years I have also formed my own bar, however, it is very democratic, so I am not ashamed to share it with you.

I once wrote that, in my opinion, the 'three whales' of a successful smartphone are the screen, the speed of work and the operating time, the other parameters are not as important as these three, and it is on them that I pay attention most often. For me, a comfortable minimum is HD-resolution, oleophobic coverage, 1-2 GB of RAM and a day of work in medium / quiet mode. A perfect demonstration of my minimum is the Wileyfox Swift smartphone (by the way, they say that it may appear on the Euroset).

I can also test models with the worst characteristics, but in most cases it will not be so pleasant or convenient to use them. However, I am aware that it is the tests of state employees that are most lacking in Runet, because only the lazy will not write about the flagship, and everyone is unlikely to want to take another budget for the test. We do not suffer from such problems, so on Mobile-Review you can see a whole scattering of reviews, from cheap MegaFon Login to the flagship Samsung Galaxy S7.

For me, every new smartphone is like a rented apartment, I already know for sure which set of applications to install, what to pay attention to and how to live with certain disadvantages. By the way, another important criterion that influences my attitude to a particular device is the price. You won't expect miracles from a state employee for five thousand, but there are already more requirements for an average employee for 20-30 thousand.

For my part, I noticed a similar 'commentator's syndrome': our regular readers also have their own 'gentleman's minimum' and violently criticize all devices that do not correspond to it. However, they have every right to do so.

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