Friday column No. 134. Surcharge for joy

Do you ever have this – you bought a thing, and it just makes you happy. You use it and don't think about anything. And then a friend comes along and begins to prove that it was not the most optimal purchase.

The topic for the column was the recent discussion of the monoblock review Asus Zen AiO Pro, I compared the new product with Apple iMac 4k, and commentators began to talk about the irrationality of buying a monoblock, that for that kind of money they would collect it- What kind of computer, and what a whim in general.

Monoblock review Asus Zen AiO Pro

You know, about five years ago, I would most likely agree with them. I will say even more: I myself did it from time to time. For example, we once argued with a classmate about the fact that for 10,000 rubles it is better to take a netbook, not an iPod Touch. Three years later, I proved to the owner of Windows Phone that his smartphone was inconvenient and shouldn't have been taken at all. In general, there were a decent number of such situations in my life.

However, after buying an iMac three years ago, I found myself on the other side of the barricades. In the 'operating experience' there were hundreds of comments in which people were indignant at such an irrational waste of money, my stupidity and other not very pleasant things. And I read all this correspondence and I understand that I cannot convey to the reader one simple thought: the main thing in buying equipment is that the thing pleases you. There is no point in cool specs, great design and long battery life if the device as a whole doesn't like it.

Moving from Windows to OS X. Experience with iMac 21.5 “2012

Now this awareness is especially important, because manufacturers have hit the ceiling in terms of technical characteristics and in recent years updates to the lines are more cosmetic in nature: a little better here, a little better there, but no global changes. However, some users still look exclusively at the characteristics, from review to review I read: 'Yes, for that kind of money, I'll take three Xiaomi', etc.

The main problem with the joy of using is that it cannot be measured with a benchmark, you cannot give specific numbers, and general phrases like 'the device is really nice to use, all these thoughtful little things make you happy every day' will break on the concrete answer: 'a Xiaomi cheaper. ' By the way, I have a normal attitude towards the company Xiaomi, it's just that its devices are most often cited by our commentators.

On the other hand, there are smartphones that both delight the user and have an excellent price-performance ratio, such as the LG Nexus 5, a wonderful device for its time, especially in red.


In general, if before buying you have several options, it makes sense to look not only at the characteristics and price, but also at the emotional component, because you will use this device every day.

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