Friday column No. 136. Functionality or ecosystem?

At some point, I realized that for me the number of functions and supported formats in any application gradually fades into the background, and synchronization between devices and the ability to get the necessary files and settings on any device becomes much more important.

For each new test device, I install the Moon + Reader, I bought the Pro version as a sign of support for the developer after blocking his application by Liters a few years ago. The reader has a huge number of functions; you can fine-tune any parameter from font size to the method of synchronization between devices. But I only use it for testing battery life in read mode.


And my main reader is the Kindle app from Amazon, which has significantly less functionality. Why? The fact is that I have an e-book from Amazon, periodically I read on iPad and iPhone, and sometimes I read from test devices on Android. At the same time, on all these devices, I can easily open the book I need exactly on the page where I left off, plus all downloaded books are available in the cloud, so even if it is not downloaded, it is easy to find it in the application.


Of course, Moon + Reader also knows how to synchronize position and store your books in the cloud, but it doesn't have any integration with iOS. And the Kindle has, so that's what I use. And you know, this happens with many applications. Cross-platform and synchronization are gradually becoming more important than conditional support for some tricky format or some super cool feature.

It seems to me that this is a very important tendency due to the fact that convenience gradually comes to the fore, and it is not always equal to functionality. Another thing is that nothing prevents the same Amazon from adding a special advanced mode to your application with the same settings as in the conditional Moon + Reader. What do you say, dear readers? What is more important to you?

By the way, I can perfectly understand those who prefer functionality, everyone has different situations and the presence of some specific setting in a particular application can become critical when choosing a program.

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