Friday column No. 147. Phone payments

Due to the imminent launch of Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, I decided to share my opinion on the future of such payments.


I have been interested in the banking topic for a relatively long time, so I heard about payments from the phone many times, and I tried some of the existing solutions. Now a lot of attention is devoted to the recently released Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, which is about to appear in Russia. But let's think about what will fundamentally change these services in our daily use?

Samsung Pay service in Russia, comparison with Apple Pay and others

To begin with, it's worth remembering how payment is made from a smartphone. First you unlock the screen, then open the app, then unlock it, and only then can you pay for anything. Four actions! At the same time, to pay from the card, you just need to get the card and attach it to the terminal, if we are talking about PayPass / PayWave. And the card, unlike a smartphone, will not run out.

Immediately I want to remember the payment from the clock. If you are currently wearing a traditional or smartwatch, try to imagine that you have a terminal in front of you and you need to attach a watch display to it. It turns out some kind of unnatural and uncomfortable movement, don't you agree?

Now let's talk about the services themselves. Personally, I am a supporter of the fact that this banking application should support contactless payment, and I can already change my smartphones as I want. If we talk about Android, then this is the case with some banks (Tinkoff, Kukuruza, 'Wallet application). I don’t want to bind the card to any additional service. And if in the case of Apple Pay this measure is forced, then on Android Samsung Pay will compete with such advanced applications.

I agree with Eldar Murtazin: paying from a smartphone would look interesting only if there were additional bonuses. I remember there was an action in the 'Wallet': pay for ten purchases with your phone and get a thousand rubles back. And what do you think? On my next trips to Auchan or Shokoladnitsa, I used the phone. I also remember that Starbucks had a cool promotion with coffee for one ruble when paying with a smartphone.

What do you say, dear readers? Will you use smartphone payments or not?

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