Friday column No. 94. About promotions and discounts

Personally, I love various promotions and bonuses from companies when connecting or buying a particular service / product. The point here is not real savings – as a rule, they are minimal or insignificant, but rather an emotional component. But for some reason, when organizing such amusement rides of generosity, you will definitely put a spoke in your wheels and not give the opportunity to use them.


I'll tell you about a situation that happened to me just a couple of days ago. In the personal account of 'Kukuruza' (a bank card from RNKO and Euroset), I saw a special offer from MegaFon – activate auto payment and get 10% of the amount back to the account. The bonus is pretty nice, and the month was just coming to an end, so I decided to put 1,000 rubles on Kukuruza and get the promised 10% on auto payment. It would just be enough for almost three months (I have 'All Inclusive S', after increasing the volume of traffic to 3 GB per month, it became just a gorgeous tariff for its 390 rubles).


On the first day, they debited the due thousand and credited to the account. There is no bonus. I decided to wait a day or two, and after that (the bonus did not come) write to technical support. They told me that after connecting, I had to dial the command 851 # call. Already after the fact I am typing this command, I receive a response notification that the promotion period has expired, although in fact it runs until July 31.


Pay attention to the screenshots with the description of the action. Nowhere on them is it indicated 'do not forget to dial the command 851 # call to enable the service', and only when we open an offer, then at number 7.2 we see the required item, so formally there are no complaints about the operator.


But in simple terms, it is very unpleasant when such an important condition is hidden in a huge offer, and is not indicated, for example, when activating auto payment in the partner's Internet bank (in my case, it is 'Kukuruza'). If you have noticed, it turns out that the promotion is valid until the end of the year for other banks, so I will dare to assume that the operator decided to protect itself from 'accidental' bonus payments to subscribers who did not know about the promotion, but had already set up auto payment earlier.


Personally, I am humanly unpleasant that such non-obvious conditions are used in order to save a little. For me, the beauty of such actions is that I do the same actions, but I get more. Instead, you have to spend time communicating with tech support, etc. And all this for the 100 bonus rubles? The pleasure, in my opinion, is dubious. By the way, MegaFon is far from the only one here, I regularly see similar promotions, in which you need to carefully read the rules for obtaining the desired prize, and not rely on the basic conditions described in the advertising booklet. And this, in my opinion, is a minus, because such promotions should increase customer loyalty, and not spoil the mood.

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