Friday column number 100. Contempt for those who cannot use smartphones

I want to devote the jubilee hundredth issue of Friday's column to such an important and topical topic as the contempt of geeks for those who do not know how to use a smartphone and are generally far from the world of technology.

Friday column number 100.  Contempt for those who cannot use smartphones

Every time a 'anniversary' issue comes out on Friday's column and the mobile environment, I am amazed at how quickly time flies, it seemed just recently we published a pilot issue of the column, and today is the hundredth. I would like to thank all our regular readers and commentators for their attention, comments, criticism and thoughts, everything that we do, we do for you.

For the first three-digit issue, I decided to choose some interesting and relevant topic, but for a long time I could not decide on what to focus on. And just a couple of days ago, Sergey Vilianov on his page in Facebook said that the number of users Android – smartphones that do not use a Google account, is quite large. These statistics did not surprise me, especially after I talked to ordinary people who are immersed in completely different worries and do not have the time or desire to set up their smartphone or understand it. Also, in the comments, people wrote, they say, 'yes, yes, I also have a couple of such acquaintances.' However, some people were downright amazed at how many 'dumb' users there are. One commentator even wrote, I quote: 'how many people with autistic friends are in the thread' (there later began a stupid discussion about the fact that autism is not an insult at all, etc.) and this phrase became decisive when choosing today's topic.

I have already spoken about this before, but sometimes it makes sense to repeat some thoughts, since some people have short memories, others simply have not read the previous issues of the column. If a person does not know how to use a smartphone, this does not make him better or worse than you. The fact that you know which buttons to press and what actions to perform to perform the desired operation is not a reason to look down on ordinary users. This is the first argument.

The second is related to a very simple thought – everyone has different priorities and areas of interest. For example, a dentist knows many times more about your teeth than you do, an ophthalmologist about your eyes. However, both of them can be very poor at understanding mobile phones and computers. For them, these are just working tools, they use them to perform their basic functions. At the same time, doctors are unlikely to roll their eyes with the words: 'he doesn't even know how the third molar differs from the canine ?!'

For my part, I try to devote enough time to teaching my loved ones and acquaintances the basics of working with a smartphone, and on the contrary, I respect it when a person of age still finds the strength to learn and to join something new. And of course, I am glad when he succeeds, because his life will become a little better, a little more convenient.

I know that many of you, dear readers, are well versed in mobile technology and computers, so I just remind you once again that this knowledge can be a reason for helping someone, but in no case is it a reason to consider yourself better than others.

P.S. By the way, for novice users we have a whole series of articles 'Android for dummies'. I highly recommend it to anyone who is just learning to deal with their smartphone.

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