Friday column number 111. Electronic checks

In today's episode, I would like to share with you a couple of thoughts on how integration between smartphones and the banking system would make our life a little easier.

Friday column number 111.  Electronic checks

How often do you have situations when at the end of the month you realize that you spent all your salary, but at the same time did not buy anything like that? One gets the feeling that money has flowed through your fingers. Especially to solve such problems, most banks (from the big Sberbank to the small Rocketbank) provide their clients with the opportunity to view statements sorted by the type of spending. Usually, a quick glance at such an infographic is enough to understand that 50% of the money went to supermarkets, 30% to clothes, and 15% to cafes. After that, we begin to closely monitor how often we go to the supermarket and what we buy there.

But here's the bad luck, the schedule of spending by category does not reflect what exactly you bought in a particular store. And even if you understand that it is there that you need to spend less, it does not immediately become clear what exactly it would be worth saving on. Why it happens? Let's imagine that I went to Auchan, spent, for example, 3,000 rubles, and it was like this every week. At some point, I decide to cut down on spending in this hypermarket and closely monitor what I buy. But in the end, the final check still comes out slightly less.

I think it would be an interesting undertaking to add the ability for users to view not only the transaction itself, but also the detailed information from the check. That is, so that at any time you can go to the Internet bank, open a specific transaction and see what these 3,000-4,000 rubles were spent on. It makes sense to compare purchases for a month in order to understand which 'parasitic products' appear in your basket regularly, and only then know for sure that you will not take this pizza.

An attentive reader is already in a hurry to argue with me, they say, there are checks, look at the checks! However, let's be honest, how many of you keep ALL of your monthly checks? I don't, and I assume most of you do too. But in the case of the Internet bank, this information will not be lost and you will always have access to it.

Of course, it would be interesting for such an approach to be uniform and universal, like payment systems. For example, after making a transaction, you put your mobile phone to the terminal, and the information is saved in a separate application. Or, you can go further and think about the fact that information about all purchases would be recorded in the database of the card issuing bank.

Nowadays, various services, shops, etc. are constantly trying to get more and more information about a potential client. Why don't we, in turn, have at hand all the information about the stores or at least about our purchases? Of course, now I'm talking more about large hypermarkets than about equipment stores or taxi aggregators, because the latter two have had such electronic checks for a long time.

What do you say, dear readers? Would this information be useful to you or would you hardly use it?

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