Friday column number 146. Emotions from unboxing

Just yesterday a new one arrived for the test iPhone 7. When I was unpacking it, I remembered something about this important action for each new device and would like to share my thoughts with you.

When I was a student, buying a smartphone itself was something incredibly important. It didn't matter what box it was in, you were in a hurry to open it and get acquainted with the device, configure it, install familiar applications, figure out new shell chips, etc. Over the years, emotions have faded a little, and the acquisition of a new device has become more of a necessity than an emotional purchase.

And yet, we would like to rejoice at the new thing, but we are already becoming more picky about all sorts of little things like the box and the complete set. I remember a company once gave me headphones (it was a long time ago) after the presentation, and when I got home, I was in a hurry to unpack them to listen to them. But bad luck, the box did not open in any way, I tried it this way and that, but the top lid was very tight, so after half an hour of torment I was no longer up to the pleasure of the gift. And this happens all the time, believe me, who opened many packages from gadgets. A separate topic is blisters, I hate them! The devil knows how they are cut, headphones or other accessory you can hardly get out of them, in general, blisters are evil.

So that's why I remembered Apple in the introduction. Their boxes were always easy to open, and there was no need to struggle with pulling out a new iPhone or watch. Opening a new gadget from Apple is always a separate pleasure.

In second place is the layout of the package bundle. I repeat, someone puts the accessories in such a way that they are easy to get, while someone does not pay attention to it, and the same cables can be stuffed right in so that they cannot be pulled out of the cardboard box on the fly.

And the last point is the bundle size. I think that it would be logical to assume that a person who bought an iPhone or smartphone for Android with a similar price can obviously afford to buy a cover, films, and other accessories. But the more pleasant it is to see them already in the standard configuration! I am always happy when there is something else in the kit, besides the necessary minimum. For example, the ZTE Z11 had a microUSB-Type C adapter in the box, while Lenovo Vibe P1 had a complete set with a cover, film and adapter.

Therefore, by the way, I like it when, during the pre-order, you are presented with something else for purchase (headphones, a case or a fitness tracker).

Royal equipment Alcatel Idol 4S with VR glasses and headphones from JBL

I'm used to the fact that a new gadget is always an emotional purchase, but I've noticed for a long time that the first positive impressions from unboxing are very important. By the way, I think this is why the unpacking format is very popular on YouTube. What do you say, dear readers? Does unpacking play an important role for you when you get to know the gadget, or do you have more 'shit, shit, ruin, roll over the recovery, recover from the titanium, make a backup and go'?

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