Friday column number 148. How do you understand that it's time to change your smartphone?

How do we understand that it's time to change a smartphone? Firmware glitches? Scratched case? Just bored? I propose to discuss all the reasons in today's column.

Relatively recently, two big presentations took place, first from Apple, and then from Google, from time to time after such events you look at your smartphone and realize that it is no longer as good as a conventional new iPhone, Googlephone or other flagship. And you start to think about changing. But this is far from the only reason why people update their devices. Below I will write the ones that are relevant to me, and in the comments I ask you to share yours.

Work speed. It's amazing how easy it is to get used to the fast operation of a smartphone, but, unfortunately, over the years, most devices (talking about iPhone and about Android devices) are only getting slower. And if with Android the situation is solved by custom firmware, then the only salvation for iPhones is beta versions of new firmware, on which, as a rule, smartphones work faster. In general, although I am not a supporter of custom, I never tire of wondering how much they extend the life of the device.

Wear. Scratches, scuffs and even cracks are a great incentive to change the device. Although on the subway, I regularly see people using smartphones with broken displays. But what can I say, ten years ago I myself walked with such a phone for six months.

Oleophobic coating. The worn-out oleophobic coating is another problem, for me personally it is very annoying and annoying. Although, in order to change the device, it is perhaps worth adding something else to it.

I want something new. Probably real smartphone fans understand me perfectly. Literally in two or three months, when I have already played enough with a smartphone, I want something new, new emotions, impressions, functions, etc. When I didn't have extra money, I played with custom firmwares, you could get completely different experiences from the same device. And then I started working for Mobile-Review and more than satisfied my daily thirst for 'something new'.

If I had another job, then I probably would have used the apparatus until it breaks or breaks. Now the emotions from the new smartphone are no longer so strong, and the blows to the budget, on the contrary, are increasing, because the flagships have almost doubled in price. What do you say, dear readers? What is the reason for you to replace your smartphone?

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