Friday column number 167. When to buy a smartphone?

While preparing the next review, I caught myself advising readers not to buy it right away, but to wait a bit. I was sure that the cost of the model would decrease and become optimal after a couple of months. But how to understand when it is worth, and when it is not worth purchasing one or another device? I will share my thoughts on this matter.

Start of sales

As a rule, at the start of sales, the price of a particular device is maximum, so there is no particular sense in purchasing smartphones immediately after the announcement, at least it seems so at first glance. But if we talk about key models, then the companies often give very useful gifts to their flagships. For example, Samsung and Huawei sometimes give their smartwatches, Sony – their advanced headphones, LG – TVs, and Meizu for paid pre-orders even for inexpensive models headphones, speakers, backpacks or other useful little things.

Therefore, if the price of the device suits you and you are generally ready to buy it, then it is better to do it right away and get a useful gift than to wait for a discount.

After a couple of months

Everything here depends very much on a particular company, but buying a smartphone two months after the start of sales has many advantages. If we talk about models of the middle segment, then they manage to get a little cheaper. If we are talking about flagships, then during this time a large number of reviews come out and you can more sensibly approach the choice of a model, having familiarized yourself with all its pros and cons.

Six months later

During this time, almost all smartphones are guaranteed to fall in price, an artificial shortage disappears, if we are talking about some models iPhone, plus, if you buy a 'gray' product, then its sellers by this time also reduce the price . And six months later, you can walk around Avito and find the model you need with a very good discount, although this is a double-edged sword, you can always run into a deceiver or a defective phone disguised as a new one.

When the next generation comes out

An author friend of mine from another publication buys only smartphones of the previous generation. For a year and a half after the start of sales, the model drops very much in price, and its characteristics become worse only when directly compared with the current generation. Initially, I did not understand this behavior, because the effect of owning a novelty is lost! But now I understand that this is an artificial marketing tool and it is stupid to use it.

Seriously, the Samsung Galaxy S8, that Apple iPhone 7 Plus are still excellent smartphones, and you can find them now for 30-40 thousand rubles.


Each of the periods has its pros and cons; in fact, much depends on the strength of your desire and financial capabilities. If you really want to, why not take a top flagship with a gift at the start of sales? Well, if you are ready to wait, then a year later you will save a substantial amount, and the model you have chosen will definitely not get worse.

By the way, how are you doing, dear readers?

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