Friday column number 87. About 'Andryusha'

Small-town jargon in the IT crowd, is it appropriate or not?


Hello dear readers. I'll start this column with a little story so that you get a better feel for the thought I'm trying to express.

Lesha's morning began with the usual ringing of the alarm clock. He washed his face, brushed his teeth and already put the kettle on, but received an SMS from the chief: 'Don't come today, we have cut off the electricity here, and it will take a whole day to recover.' Lyosha, on the one hand, was glad that the weekend had suddenly appeared, and on the other hand, he was a little upset, because he had already got up and was ready to go. Okay, he thought, I'll sit on the forums.

Alexey was an avid fan of and other resources, regularly read fresh reviews, commented on them and actively participated in the discussion. He started with the traditional viewing of the topic about his smartphone on – what if something new appeared?

-Friends, well, haven't you brought us a fresh 'Andryusha'?
-Yes, we have been waiting for Lollipop for three months.
-The 'gnusmasses' got an update last month!
-A 'hetetse' and even a couple of months ago!
-Haha! I have a 'ski' nexus, so 5.1 has already arrived!
-And I have a 'cynogen', also on 5.1!
-And how to customize it?

The sluggish discussion lasted a couple of pages, after which Alexei closed the tab and went to read the fresh reviews. Today, one of your favorite resources published another article about iPhone, a review of the flagship from the B-brand and a couple of other thematic articles. In the discussions, as usual, there was a heated discussion:

– Another article about 'oyphone'!
-Yes, I won't buy this 'stub' for 40 thousand!
-How do you use it in general, I couldn't even figure it out with tuna.
-Fuu, everything is paid for!

A couple of years ago, Lyosha himself actively participated in these discussions, but over time he got tired, what's the use of procrastinating the same thing?

With a sigh, Alexey closed the comments and, drinking his cold coffee, went to flash his smartphone. Otherwise, the nexus already has 5.1, but it still has the old 'Andryusha' 4.4!

I think that you have already understood everything yourself, but just in case, I will write down my thought in text. No need to distort the names of companies, brands, operating systems, etc. It looks awfully silly and childish. All these “Andrews”, “Oiphones” and even more stupid nicknames look frankly shabby, and you will look worse than a 12-year-old schoolboy. No, even if you are 12 years old, you should definitely not use this vocabulary.

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