Friday column number 99. Angry Birds 2

Today we will discuss the second part of the 'Angry Birds', what has become better in comparison with the first, what has changed, and what has remained the same 1


At the beginning of this week, a new part of Angry Birds appeared on Google Play and the App Store, this time not themed, but a full-fledged continuation of the original series. The second part, on the one hand, turned out to be very similar to the first, and on the other, it has a number of significant differences. I will not re-describe the gameplay of Angry Birds, given that it has not changed much since the first part, but I will just note a few innovations that appeared in the second part.

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Google Play Games. At the time of the release of the first Angry Birds, the Play Games themselves did not yet exist, and if my memory serves me, you could not synchronize the progress in the game between different devices (with the exception of those who had Titanium Backup and Root rights). Now the situation is completely different. In addition to synchronization, various achievements have appeared, in addition, you can compete with your friends from Facebook.

2Friday column number 99.  Angry Birds 23


Updated design. The second part of the 'birds' was optimized for high resolutions and various beautiful special effects were added. Therefore, even if you play on a tablet with FHD-resolution, the picture will still delight you.



New effects. In the second part, various special effects were added like 'golden duck' or 'freeze'. The first is a hail of ducks hitting the pigs, and the second simply turns all obstacles and obstacles into ice, so it's easier to break them.



Freemium. And the saddest thing: the game switched to the Freemium model. You have five attempts to complete the level, and then either for money, or for crystals, or wait half an hour until a new free attempt appears. And, of course, levels appear that cannot be passed the first or second time, in the end you have to wait until new 'lives' accumulate. This model was used in the game Monsu and many other Freemium games, and I just can't stand it, this is brazen knocking out money from players, it would be better if they asked for 100-200 rubles for the full version, and they would make a trial for the first 15 levels free.




In general, I liked the new 'birds' rather than not. They meet the trends of modern gaming, so you get tired of taking offense at Freemium. In the updated version, we tightened up all the weak points of the first part – we made better graphics, added synchronization between devices and several fresh effects. It turned out well, in my opinion, but what do you say?

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