Futurama: Game of Drones will be released for mobile platforms

Based on materials from The Verge and Wooga

Is 'Futurama' dead? Long live Futurama! After the animated series 'Futurama' was canceled, returned to the screens as a full-length animated film and closed again, the title returns as a game for mobile devices. The universe of Matt Groening's sci-fi cartoon will form the basis of Futurama: Game of Drones. The game will be one of the puzzle games. Players will need to help the crew of the Interplanetary Express in a “grossly unbalanced trade war” against old shipping rival MomCo, a company owned by Mommy, as well as the Friendly Robot Company. To deliver 'dangerous goods to unsafe places in unreasonable conditions', players will have to combine groups of courier drones to solve 'diabolical puzzles' while traveling through the classic worlds of the 'Futurama' universe.

Futurama: Game of Drones

The copyright holders from Fox Digital Entertainment chose the Berlin studio Wooga Games, known for its quest games to find hidden objects, as well as bright, but extremely simple and perfectly adapted for mobile games, Bejeweled and Puzzle, responsible for recreating the image of the world and its heroes in Game of Drones. Bobble. Although this past experience of the development company may inspire some concern for the fate of the project, it is worth noting that people were invited to write the script, whose skill is beyond doubt. Dave Grossman, known for creating PC games Secret of Monkey Island and The Wolf Among Us, and Jonathon Myers, who had a hand in Game of Thrones: Ascent, were brought in to write the game story. But besides them, Patrick M. Verrone appeared among the creators, who acted not only as one of the producers of the original series, but also as the author of the Poppler Problem and This Is The Lobster Show!

Recall that this is not the first attempt to breathe new life into the 'Futurama' universe with the help of games – in 2003 the platform game of the same name was released on PS2, Xbox and GameCube, but many years have passed since then. So we look forward to re-emerging Interplanetary Express and its crew now for Android as well. Unfortunately, there is no information yet on how soon the game will appear in the app stores.

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