Gadgets and Vacations!

Hello dear readers. July is the time of holidays, so the topic of today's gatherings is appropriate.


In fact, in addition to the current time, I remembered my last vacation in Turkey, even before the crisis and the situation that happened there. The tour operator's representative shared many passions about hotel theft, etc. Therefore, it was decided not to take any of the expensive gadgets with you: no laptop, no tablet, no phone, they got by with a camera and an e-book. By the way, I decided at the same time that this was a great opportunity to take a break from gadgets and unwind. As a result, on the third day I was just dying of boredom and sadly watched the hotel guests with tablets and smartphones, and having arrived home I received a huge number of letters over the past five days. And now I know for sure that on my next trip I will take both a laptop and a smartphone with me.

However, I decided to ask you, dear readers, what do you take with you on vacation from gadgets and why? In the answers, it is also desirable to indicate for what kind of rest this or that set will be intended.

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