Glass or film – your choice?

It is very interesting what you are using, dear friends. If you don't use anything, then you are lucky and do not think about scratches and possible damage that can lead to serious expenses. I do not insist on anything, this is a personal matter for everyone, I just want to say that films and glasses have their pros and cons.

Glass or film - your choice?

Take the tapes here. You can choose for almost any device and with almost any characteristics (matte, glossy, with protection from neighbors, without such protection, ultra-thin, and so on). Films are cheaper. But to glue them is still hell. Whatever straight arms you have, there is still a risk of ruining the film. The glasses have other features – you can choose almost any model, often they have their own oleophobic coating, if your device has worn out, here's a way to get protection from dirt and drops again. The glass is easy to stick, but you need to get ready for a slight increase right away. Although, with devices based on Android this is not as noticeable as with iPhone 6/6 Plus, where they still have not made glass that completely covers the front surface. In general, I would like to hear from you this:

  • Glass or film?
  • Which company – and does it matter to you which company produced glass or film?
  • What is your smartphone?
  • If you don't need such protection, write)

I'd like to add that I like SGP glasses, I don't like films.

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