Google's 'Science Journal' – Experimenting with Your Own Smartphone

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There are many different sensors on your phone, each with a role to play in providing you with the best possible user experience. For example, a light sensor for adjusting the brightness of the display, additional microphones for noise canceling, accelerometers and gyroscopes for measuring when you move your device. But Google wanted the kids to know that all of these sensors can be used for scientific purposes as well. And, of course, you don't have to be a kid to want to dig a little deeper into science.

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At the end of Google I / O Google announced 'Science Journal', an application that uses the sensors on your phone to take measurements to understand the world around us. This app is part of Google's Making & Science initiative, which aims to inspire children and let them know they can create and advance science. The application is able to collect data, present it in the form of graphs, track a variety of experiments and predict what results the next tests will give.

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Google has also created a site to showcase the best ways to collect data, what each sensor can do, what measurements mean, and how to build additional devices like turntables to collect different kinds of data.

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Scientific Journal is a free and accessible application for everyone.

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Download 'Scientific Journal'

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